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Karl, The Comeback Kid?

Why do we think the world is about to see the resurrection of the “comrade culture club” over the next ten years? Make no mistake; there will be a visceral political reaction to the coming acceleration of  labor disrupting technology.  … Continue reading

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Heeee’s Back…Karl, Is That You?

In case you missed it, or don’t read the Drudge Report,  here is the current banner headline: Should we?  Ah, uh, well…we can’t help ourselves:   YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST! In February 2018, we looked at the data of the political … Continue reading

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Jumping On The Comeback Karl Train

Wow!  Seeing more of Karl since our post:  Karl, The Comeback Kid? Bloomberg just retweeted this: Maybe Karl Marx was right — Bloomberg View (@BV) September 26, 2017  

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The Coming “Socialist Wave” – NRA

You heard it here first, comrades! On Tuesday night we posted, Karl, The Comeback Kid? We intended to point out  what may be coming over the next decade as job-destroying automation through artificial intelligence and robotics accelerates and drives the … Continue reading

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The Clash Of Generations Is Here

Don’t know if you caught the Democratic debate the other night, which featured Bernie and Joe, who could be the grandfathers of some of the younger candidates that were on stage, but it also confirmed the arrival of what we have … Continue reading

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When 50 Percent Of U.S. Households Were Insolvent

Not that long ago, by the way. My good friend, David Jones, sent over some new data this past weekend.  We have been busy. Our First Take Not a lot of prose tonight as we will let the data and … Continue reading

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What To Expect When America Starts Electing

It’s 511 days to the 2020 Presidential election and we sense a total disconnect between the movement in the polling data and market expectations of the outcome.  It reminds us of our conversation with a hedge fund manager one month … Continue reading

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Millennials Rising, Market Risk Increasing

Righteous! Check out today’s cover of the Economist.   It confirms our ongoing analysis and illustrates why you should read the Global Macro Monitor, folks. It’s been almost exactly one year to the date since we posted,  Karl, The Comeback Kid?  We warned … Continue reading

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BFTP: Call Me Comrade!

BFTP = Blast From The Past Does it ever change? We were going through some old posts this morning and came across this pearl from over eight years ago.   Charges of socialism were also polluting the political environment back then … Continue reading

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Amerika Shifts Left

File this one under you heard it here first.  Right here, in fact. These are stunning numbers, folks.  Only 30 percent of Republicans oppose Senator Warren’s wealth tax. The tax plan proposed by AOC is also 13 points above water. … Continue reading

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