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REITs For The Right Reason

By Carol K. Summary These are my favorite REITs with fully intact dividends as of 7/29/20 REIT 90% payout requirement for 2020 pushed to Dec 31, 2021 There is no free lunch, i.e., the risk/reward tradeoff A REIT really is … Continue reading

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Back To Class: REITs 101

In our May 11th post, GDP Now Q2 Estimate At -34.90 Percent, So What Now? we mentioned our discovery of an incredible stock picker with a portfolio that has significantly outperformed the S&P in an upmarket and even during the … Continue reading

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Investing In The Economy Of The Future – Follow-Up

By Carol K.  Readers may recall my post about the need to be invested in the stocks and ETFs focusing on the future economy. Sectors such as genomics, artificial intelligence, robotics, 5G technologies, and the Internet of Things (IoT). We … Continue reading

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Investing During Periods of Uncertainty & Turmoil

By Carol K. In this post, I’m not going to talk politics or speculate on which Party wins or deserves to win the Presidency or control of Congress come January 2021. There are plenty of political pundits offering their take … Continue reading

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CK-GMM Large Cap Portfolio Performance

Over the past few weeks, we have been negotiating with our friend and Alpha Female stockpicker, Carol K.. to come aboard and partner with Global Macro Monitor (GMM).  She made her debut on GMM this past Thursday with her very … Continue reading

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Mall Rats Jumping Ship

Yikes!  See how Carol nailed this in her piece in yesterday’s post, Back To Class: REITs 101. We may have discovered a superstar. Mall landlords received just a quarter of expected April rent payments. — Lisa Abramowicz (@lisaabramowicz1) May … Continue reading

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COTD: Chart of the Day Interesting chart of the relative performance of the various  REIT sectors.  Our wild ass guess (WAG) is that commercial is still a sell. We think the COVID crisis will be remembered, among other things, as … Continue reading

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Bank of Japan Outlines Nikkei ETF Purchases

After yesterday’s FOMC action and Ben Bernanke’s Op/Ed in the Washington Post essentially stating the Fed is targeting the stock market, we now get the Bank of Japan’s outline for asset purchases. Next week the BoJ begins buying Nikkei and … Continue reading

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The Three Legs of the Q4 Melt-up

1)  Under allocated investors… 2)  Expectation of a Republican victory in the  November election… 3)  The Flood of Liquidity unleashed by ultra-loose global monetary policy… “The Bank of Japan will encourage the uncollateralized overnight call rate to remain at around … Continue reading

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