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Rent Control Issues Hit 7-year Bond Auction

At least, that is our view. We have worried out loud how global interest rate repression may cause ugly bond auctions. A problem that similarly arises in the rent-controlled housing market. …we are watching the Treasury auctions closely and suspect … Continue reading

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“Rent Control” Problems Emerging In Bond Auctions

  Hat Tip: Gregory Mannarino  @GregMannarino The bid-to-cover ratio, indicative of the number of investors who put in offers to buy the debt and a gauge of demand, stood at 2.19. That is down from the 2.4 recorded in the last sale … Continue reading

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“Rent Control” Misnomer

A friend of the Global Macro Monitor corrects us on our post, Fed’s “Rent Control” Policies Starting to Distort, The fact that the fed is fiddling with the yield curve disguises the equilibrium price of LT debt. The way the fed … Continue reading

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Fed’s “Rent Control” Policies Starting to Distort

We’ve posted many pieces (see here,  here and here) on how the Fed’s manipulation of the yield curve through QE and Operation Twist is distorting long-term interest rates — the most important price in the world, in our opinion — … Continue reading

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Why This Correction Is Different

Those dreaded words you never want to hear as an investor, “this time is different.” Stock and Bond Correlation It does apply to the latest stock market correction, however. The sell-off that began on January 29th spanned ten trading days and … Continue reading

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Current Housing Bust Much Worse Than Great Depression

Great chart from the recently released Economic Report of the President.  We suspect the Great Depression housing bust didn’t have the government props to soften the blow as we do today,  which,  therefore, on a relative basis,  makes the current … Continue reading

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Trump & Co Must Abandon The Stock Market To Save It

No bottom in stocks or the economy until the test kits are ubiquitous.   We believe markets want an aggressive plan and action to treat the disease rather than focusing on the symptoms. Then markets will take care of themselves and … Continue reading

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What Every Market Player Should Now Be Contemplating

Can the U.S. government finance its $1.2 trillion plus annual deficits with an entire yield curve at less than 1 percent?   We seriously doubt it and the Fed is going to have to step-up big time with QE, non-QE, … Continue reading

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Enter The Selling Zone 2.0

It’s that time again. No, not the now annual October fires in California (helluva a Chinese hoax, btw) we’re running from but the S&P moving into the selling zone. We are reposting a piece we published on the very day … Continue reading

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