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Rome Is Burning, Again

This is insane. It is getting old and hard to breath. ¬†Godspeed to those suffering. Insane footage of the California fires. ūüé• via @abc7la — Lori McNee (@lorimcneeartist) November 13, 2018  

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Rome Is Burning

Caught up in NorCal fires and had to evacuate home. Looks like war zone.  Several neighborhoods burnt to ground with gas flaring off  like the Kuwaiti desert in Gulf War I. Back to you soon as we can.

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Living Like A Climate Refugee

Cue Tom Petty. Never thought I would live like a climate refugee but here I am again couch surfing trying to put together a Plan B as the family is staying at the Hyatt in another ¬†city. ¬†Four freaking straight … Continue reading

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Week In Review – August 3

Summary Turkey still getting hammered across the board, and now in a¬†pissing match with the U.S. over the detention of Pastor Andrew Brunson The Italian Treasury was in supporting its bond market after a¬†sharp sell-off over budget fears The dollar … Continue reading

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QOTD: Did Boomers Burn Down The House?

QOTD = Quote of the Day It’s kind of stunning how Time Magazine’s Person of the Year, a “very angry” 17-year old Swedish teenage girl diagnosed with¬†Asperger syndrome,¬†obsessive-compulsive disorder¬†(OCD), and¬†selective mutism, can trigger the President of the United States,¬† many … Continue reading

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The Tale Of Two Fat Tails

In a normal probability distribution…blue curve), the odds of risky outcomes (bad stuff happening) are thin at the extremes. In fat-tailed distributions, such outcomes have a greater chance of occurring (the [greenish] curve).¬†Source Non-normal distributions can be heavily skewed and … Continue reading

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