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Selling China ETF

Selling the China EFT, ASHR, into the close at $22.46 (corrected from earlier price $22.65 typo see here) for a 1.17 percent return.   Not happy with the price action and having doubts that the low-level sherpas in Beijing can move … Continue reading

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Enter The Selling Zone 2.0

It’s that time again. No, not the now annual October fires in California (helluva a Chinese hoax, btw) we’re running from but the S&P moving into the selling zone. We are reposting a piece we published on the very day … Continue reading

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China’s Top U.S. Auto Imports

How global is this? Of the ten best selling U.S. auto exports to China, six are German cars.  The real world is not as simple and more complex than conventional impressions. Source:  Bloomberg China has agreed to reduce and remove … Continue reading

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America Thirst: China’s Flows Worrisome – Art Cashin

Just before the close, Art Cashin, one of the best out there, cited the weak Treasury auctions and, ergo, worries China is pulling back on its Treasury purchases as a major factor behind the ugly stock sell-off. Click here for … Continue reading

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China’s Other Nuclear Option

Sorry to be such a downer, folks. We have to stress test the macro scenarios versus current market conditions by looking at worst case events, then calculating expected values based on the most likely probabilities. Especially after such a huge … Continue reading

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China’s Communist Party Structure

We noticed today  someone tweeted an old post from our blog from way back when.  It has an excellent graphic of the structure of China’s Communist Party and its leaders that were selected after the last Party Congress in 2012. … Continue reading

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Bailing out of China | Short View – FT

Despite attempts by China’s authorities to bolster the country’s stock markets, the selling persists. James Mackintosh, FT investment editor, examines the bursting bubble, the chance for a reprieve and how the liquidity problem has worsened. ► FT Markets: (click … Continue reading

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China in Bull Market

Barron’s is reporting the seven year bear market in China is over as stocks have rallied 20 percent off their March lows. Francis Cheung, China strategist for CLSA in Hong Kong, notes that other factors are channeling money toward China. … Continue reading

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Discipline Trumps Conviction

Today’s close above 3125 takes us out of our short position, which we started scaling into at 3025.  We are still fairly confident that this market can be bought at much lower prices at some point in the next 18 … Continue reading

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