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Ray Dalio says wealth inequality is a national emergency

The founder of the most successful hedge fund in the world says capitalism needs to be reformed and that the American dream is lost.  – 60 Minutes Click here for the full interview

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Wealth Inequality In the United States

This is not a chart that generates confidence in future political and social stability.   It looks like the jaws of a Great White ready to bite someone in the arse. Clearly a contributing factor in the rise of populism and anti-elitism, … Continue reading

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America’s Perilous Path Of Wealth Distribution

Summary We illustrate the stark contrast in the growth of household wealth between the different percentile groups since Q1 2000 The top 1% of households now hold more wealth than the bottom 90% The aggregate nominal wealth of the bottom … Continue reading

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The Innate Angst Of Inequality

Just a short but  very interesting follow-up video to our last post,  When 50 Percent Of U.S. Households Were Insolvent, which illustrated the stunning and parabolic growth of wealth inequality in the United States. We feel this post is necessary and very relevant … Continue reading

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Doubts over Piketty inequality data – FT

FT economics editor Chris Giles and FT global economy news editor Ferdinando Giugliano raise doubts about the validity of the data in ‘Capital in the Twenty-First Century’ by Thomas Piketty, which claims that wealth inequality is rising. For more video … Continue reading

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Is Inflation Driving the U.S. Wealth/Income Gap?

The bears video got us motivated to put together a chart of the S&P500 and gas prices over the past year.   It’s stunning, though not surprising, to see how both series move together.   The two charts below help explain a … Continue reading

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The Last Central Banker With Balls

[Balls as in courage and bravery.  Exemplified in the quote,  “Margaret Thatcher was Ronald Reagan with balls.”  Don’t get all PC on us now!] As a graduate student, I interviewed at the Federal Reserve Board in the Eccles Building on … Continue reading

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Are Central Banks Ready To Break Their Codependency?

Breaking our radio silence as we couldn’t help ourselves after reading former NY Fed President William Dudley’s piece imploring the Fed to stop enabling Trump’s  trade war. It sounds like central bankers are starting to realize they are, and have been, … Continue reading

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Codependent Central Bankers

Codependency is characterized by a person belonging to a dysfunctional, one-sided relationship where one person relies on the other for meeting nearly all of their emotional and self-esteem needs. It also describes a relationship that enables another person to maintain … Continue reading

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When 50 Percent Of U.S. Households Were Insolvent

Not that long ago, by the way. My good friend, David Jones, sent over some new data this past weekend.  We have been busy. Our First Take Not a lot of prose tonight as we will let the data and … Continue reading

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