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Who said nobody thought Trump would win?

Given the political earthquake the U.S. has just experienced and the long-term consequences that are sure to follow, we thought it is time to start writing again.  We (I) have been sick, which has temporarily diminished our capacity to write … Continue reading

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Trump Is Now Compromised In China Trade Talks

The road to a credible China trade deal just got a bit narrower and bumpier after President Trump all but recruited China for his 2020 campaign.  China may not accept but they do now have a tremendous amount of more … Continue reading

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Did Mueller Buy Or Sell President Trump?

“And as set forth in the report after that investigation, if we had had confidence that the President clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so.  We did not, however, make a determination as to whether the … Continue reading

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Trump Losing Fox News – Summer of Discontent Cometh

Caveat emptor.  The complacency in markets is absolutely stunning as the U.S. slowly drifts into, what could be, the biggest Constitutional Crisis in the nation’s history. Trump lost the top legal analyst at Fox News today.  This is a major … Continue reading

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Trump Trade Deal Market Tease While China Balks On 737 Max

M Continue reading

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How Democrats Should Counter Trump

The Dems need to counter Trump. It’s a no-brainer.   They can draw it up with a crayon. Open the government (a deal breaker) $2 billion for border security Complete resolution of DACA, including a path to citizenship The president … Continue reading

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JFK-Trump S&P Analog 2.0

MarketWatch giving us some nice props in their excellent piece today on the back of the Zero Hedge post about our JFK-Trump S&P analog, which convinced us last February that global stocks had entered in a bear market and would soon “roll-over … Continue reading

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Our JFK-Trump S&P Analog Lives!

Wow!  In the words of Zero Hedge,  “bizarro.” Zero Hedge, who has some very smart Tylers and are always kind enough to post many of our pieces, is out with a post yesterday, JFK vs Trump: The Most Bizarre S&P Analog … Continue reading

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Manufacturing Employment Growth During President Trump

After Friday’s jobs report, we thought it is time to dig deeper into employment growth in the manufacturing sector. Manufacturing Jobs Matching Growth In Total Nonfarm Payrolls Contrary to popular belief, the data show that job gains in the manufacturing … Continue reading

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The moment ‘Brazil’s Donald Trump’ is stabbed at election rally

RARELY has the aphorism “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” been more apt… Doctors said Mr Bolsonaro will be hospitalised for at least a week. But with a month left before the first round of the election on October … Continue reading

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