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Heads Up! Friday’s Rare S&P Shooting Star Candlestick

We’ve been ignoring the daily noise of the stock market given the futility of trying trade against the blatant market manipulation but especially, after the S&P met our target of 3025, which we posted on April 1st, If you have … Continue reading

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The S&P’s Very Long Top

The S&P got whacked again today and is now about 1 percent below its first peak of January 26, 2018, in this very long topping process.  In other words, stocks have gone nowhere for the past 18 months. We believe … Continue reading

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Summer Of Discontent Cometh

It feels like the rivets are really starting to pop on the global international order as we have been warning over and over and over.  The markets smell it. If China moves on Hong Kong, things can really go sideways … Continue reading

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Charts That Validate Stocks Are In The Process Of Topping

The S&P 200-day rolling return is an interesting chart but not much in the way of signals with the exception to illustrate the S&P500 does not fall out of the sky and enter bear markets after a strong 200-day run. … Continue reading

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S&P500 Key Levels

Summary  The selling continues as markets fret about the Trump administration’s tariff wrecking ball The S&P closed below its 200-day moving for the second straight day,  the first time since early March 2722 is the key Fibo level to watch, … Continue reading

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Stress Testing Apple

Goldman finally getting around to stress testing Apple as the trade war escalates.  They are out today warning Apple is in a world of hurt if China targets the iPhone maker in the trade war. The U.S.-China trade war could … Continue reading

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Key S&P Levels

It’s been a while since drilling down on the markets.  We have been concentrating on rebuilding our website to deal with the free riders and honing our web scraping coding skills.  Our economic and market analysis has focused on the … Continue reading

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Beware Of Retrofitting Fundamentals To Price Action

See our post, Newton’s Q1 Law Of Motion For The S&P,  by clicking here   The past few weeks were a classic exercise in how markets tend to “retrofit” price action to their expectations of economic fundamentals and illustrates the … Continue reading

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Week In Review – March 1

Summary Euro periphery spreads continue to come in U.S. 10-year yield 10 bps higher German bund 8 bps higher U.S. curve 4 bps steeper on the week U.S. credit continues to rally. Watch this space EM FX x/Asia weaker led … Continue reading

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“Crowding Out” Caused The Q4 Stock Swoon

In what we consider one of our best and most timely all-time posts, The Gathering Storm In The Treasury Market 2.0, a must-read tome on the structural changes taking place in the U.S. Treasury market, we warned at the end of last … Continue reading

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