Seminal Reads

A Credible Solution to Europe’s Debt Crisis:_A Trichet Plan for the Eurozone
The True Lessons of the Recession

The Growth of Low Skill Service Jobs
Beyond FinTech – WEF, August 23, 2017
How does the Fed adjust its Securities Holdings and Who is Affected_FED
This Is Your Brain On Nationalism – Foreign Affairs

2 Responses to Articles

  1. Jeremy Amos says:

    Regarding “The True Lessons of the Recession,” the suggestion that the Dodd-Frank act overhauled financial regulation ignores the fact that banking lobbyists outnumbered legislative personnel something like 20 to 1 on the committees that wrote the legislation. Surely no one in his right mind thinks that this act effectively curtailed banks from repeating their excesses that almost sent the entire world into depression!

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