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Are These The Charts That Spooked Jerome Powell?

#CKStrong Fed Chair, Jerome Powell finally admitted today, at least, implicitly, there is too much stimulus demand (in the macro context) in the global economy and the Fed will have to accelerate its tapering. The following charts clearly illustrate the … Continue reading

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Why The Majority Is Always Wrong

#CKStrong Wow, GMM’s Carol K could have given this speech! She is definitely in the three percent the speaker references. The video is well worth your ten minutes. A potential huge return on a ten minute investment.

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How Regulators Lost Control Of Crypto – FT

#CKStrong Just a quick aside before viewing this excellent video. Many crypto brokers advertise zero commission trading.  The following is from the firm where I flip around in the cryptic world of Crypto: Crypto trading has $0 commissions, however they … Continue reading

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The Future Of Shopping

#CKStrong Mo’ dopamine, please!

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What Is The Metaverse?

#CKStrong See also, What the Metaverse Is, Who’s in It and Why It Matters

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Feels Like 1977: Inflation Too High, Money Too Loose

#CKStrong Originally posted:  June 13, 2021 This post is a short follow-up to our inflation piece from last night, Inflation In Context: A Liquidity Adjusted CPI Index, which was a bit too wonky, and we don’t think we were clear in … Continue reading

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The Off The Charts Bull Market

#CKStrong Bezos, Musk, and Branson (BMB) are not the only ones to recently touch the earth’s thermosphere for a brief and shining moment; take a look at today’s stock market valuation.  Note the structural shift, which took place around 1995. … Continue reading

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More Truck Drivers To Unclog The Supply Chain


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QOTD: And There Is Blood

#CKStrong Inflation is way too high given exremely easy financial and monetary conditions.  There will be blood…The Democrats should begin to worry. – GMM,  June 11, 2021

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Farmland As An Inflation Hedge


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