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No Labor Infrastructure For $2 Trillion Infrastructure Spend

Democratic congressional leaders announced Tuesday after a meeting with President Donald Trump that an agreement had been reached on the price tag for a potential infrastructure plan: $2 trillion.  — CNN We are reposting and a piece we wrote a … Continue reading

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Q1 2019 GDP = “Stranger Things”

It is always prudent to look under the hood after a big unexpected beat or miss on a major headline economic number. Never so relevant than Friday’s GDP report, which blew out expectations, and appears right out of Stranger Things.  … Continue reading

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White House Correspondents Dinner

This is good!  Historian Ron Chernow delivers keynote at tonight’s annual White House Correspondents Dinner, which was boycotted by the Trump Administration.  

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More Brexit Polling

More than half the public – 55% – now think it would have been better never to have held the EU referendum given the difficulties of reaching an agreement on Brexit, according to the latest Opinium/Observer poll. …If a second referendum … Continue reading

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World’s Fastest Growing Economies

We have updated the GDP growth rates for the 2019 and the 2020 forecasts and ranked the world’s fastest growing economies in the ginormous table below.  The data are from the April 2019 IMF’s World Economic Outlook.  

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Trump Losing Fox News – Summer of Discontent Cometh

Caveat emptor.  The complacency in markets is absolutely stunning as the U.S. slowly drifts into, what could be, the biggest Constitutional Crisis in the nation’s history. Trump lost the top legal analyst at Fox News today.  This is a major … Continue reading

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Non-alcoholic Beers Ready To Roll?

Gotta find a good company or some crafties to bet on.  A good draft frosty without the batteries will satisfy a yuuge overlooked market. The FT’s Leila Abboud and Al Gilmour put alcohol-free and low-alcohol beers to the test, tasting … Continue reading

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One Of Our Best Trades Ever – Mike Trout

The first time we ever saw Mike Trout play baseball it was like watching the real-life version of The Natural,  and thought someday people will say, There goes [Mike Trout] the best there ever was in this game – Roy … Continue reading

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The Most Successful “Garage Band” Companies

That we are aware of… Apple Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak had withdrawn from Reed College and UC Berkeley respectively by 1975. Wozniak designed a video terminal that he could use to log on to the minicomputers at Call Computer. Alex Kamradt commissioned the design and sold … Continue reading

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Mueller Report: Hollywood Can’t Make This Stuff Up

Wow!   We are still digesting the full redacted version of the Mueller Report. We only had to get through the first few pages within an hour of its release on Thursday for us to conclude the House Democrats will have … Continue reading

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