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The Golden Bernanke

We asked yesterday, albeit somewhat jokingly, what market needed to “see the money” the most.   Stocks, bonds, or gold? Mr. Market has spoken.  The initial pop in stocks has faded with notable weakness in Apple, yet gold is holding its … Continue reading

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Weekly Eurozone Watch

Key Data Points German 10-year Bund 2 bps lower; Italy 10-year 15 bps wider to the Bund; Spain 46  bps wider; Portugal 7 bps tighter; Greece 54 bps tighter; Large Eurozone banks higher; Euro$ up 0.31 percent. Commentary Prime Minister … Continue reading

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The Market’s “Jerry Maguire” Moment

How can we pass on posting one of the funniest scenes in movie history,  which is an almost perfect allegory of where markets stand today? We will let you decide if Ben Bernanke or Mario Draghi is the real Jerry … Continue reading

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Nonlinear Thinking: 3D-Printed Baseball Bat

We’ve posted several pieces about how 3D printing is going to revolutionize manufacturing and impact international trade flows (click here, here, and here) .   Imagine your local WalMart with several of these printers on site producing much of their own … Continue reading

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Picture of the Day: Technical Analysis

Boring market.  Let’s have some fun. It is said that if you stare at the clouds long enough you can see any pattern you want to see.    So it is with potato chips — who can forget this classic episode … Continue reading

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James Grant on Markets, Fed Policy, Gold Standard

Bloomberg’s Tom Keene interviews Jim Grant.  Always worth a listen, especially with the gold standard back into the news.  He also takes a swipe at the Swiss National Banks.  Good stuff. We need a central bank that has the humility … Continue reading

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Why Gold Is Money

Planet Money of NPR and its chemist explains why the some Repubs are not pushing for a “lithium standard.”   This piece originally aired last November. (click here if video is not observable)

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Sweet & Sour Channel Stuffing and the Shanghai Swan Dive

The news out China seems to be getting worse. Last week the NY Times reported about China’s huge inventory build of unsold goods, GUANGZHOU, China — After three decades of torrid growth, China is encountering an unfamiliar problem with its … Continue reading

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Is Apple’s Patent Victory Enough to Push Stock to $700?

Here’s a couple of interesting takes on Apple’s victory over Samsung in the patent infringement lawsuit, which was announced after the market close on Friday.   Though an interesting perspective, Al Jazeera’s piece (bottom) is a bit of a stretch, in … Continue reading

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Week in Review

(click here if charts are not observable)

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