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Global Macro Watch – Octoberfest

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Larry Summers On Dollar Strength

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Dollar Impact On U.S. Manufacturing Employment

We have been busy on a piece evaluating the U.S. economy under the first 29 months of the Trump administration.  As I used to bark out selling programs as a young kid at Dodger Stadium, “You can’t tell the players … Continue reading

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BFTP: How Sustainable Is Earnings Growth?

BFTP: Blast From The Past We posted the following last May when earnings and the market were all lathered up and on a sugar high induced by the corporate tax cut and weaker dollar in 2017.  Our lack of confidence … Continue reading

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We Have Lift Off! (in the $)

  Can’t believe that was fiddy years past.  Going to see the new Apollo 11 flick on Saturday with my 15-year old daughter, who wants to be an astrophysicist. Back to biz… The Dixie – “To the Moon, Alice” Another … Continue reading

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U.S. Treasury Market Borrowing & Global Foreign Savings

We were curious about how much U.S. Treasury market borrowings have increased relative to global foreign savings and whipped together the table below. We define  global foreign savings here as the cumulative current account surpluses of all the world’s surplus nations. The … Continue reading

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Is The U.S. Dollar Over/Undervalued?

If you are planning on retiring to a country other than the United States, you may want to have a glance at our following analysis. Purchasing Power Parity We have taken the October IMF WEO database and backed out their … Continue reading

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How Sustainable Is Earnings Growth?

Not very. We will leave the calculation for the entire stock market to the stock analysts. Here’s why: Just glancing over WalMart’s latest earnings release from the week, we see two one-off macro factors that helped WalMart’s earnings in Q1, … Continue reading

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Alan Greenspan on Debt, Deficit, Tax Cuts – Bloomberg

Excellent interview.   Upshot?  Inflation cometh. Apr.18 — Former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Alan Greenspan joined Bloomberg Television for a wide-ranging discussion about U.S. debt, the current rate hike path, Europe’s new direction and his reading assignment for the Republicans. … Continue reading

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What Keeps Us Up At Night…

This could end America’s free-ride:  no more QE;  no more balance of payments deficits without tears;  and no more foreign financing of the U.S. budget deficit. We hope the Administration at least is concerned and has it on their radar. … Continue reading

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