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The Weekend Read: Gold Fever!

In my theory of reflexivity I assert that the thinking of economic agents serves two functions. On the one hand, they try to understand reality; that is the cognitive function. On the other, they try to make an impact on … Continue reading

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Chart of the Day: Dixie Swan Dive

Don’t know about you, but we’re feeling a little poorer after the FOMC statement and Chairman Ben’s historic press conference.    One spark away from a full blown dollar panic, in our opinion.  (click here if chart is not observable)

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10 Questions for Chairman Bernanke

If we were attending the Fed’s historic press conference tomorrow,  here are the ten questions we would ask Chairman Bernanke: 1)  Do you think the new monetary policy tool of the Federal Reserve of paying interest on reserves (IOR) is … Continue reading

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A Credible & Comprehensive Plan for Europe’s Debt Crisis

The following is the Executive Summary of a longer article that offers up a credible and comprehensive plan for the European Debt Crisis, which deals with the periphery debt overhang  and weak balance sheets of Europe’s commercial banks.  It has … Continue reading

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Week in Review

The weekly oscillation in global stock markets continued last week with stocks reversing the prior week’s losses and finishing up strong.   Korea continued its strong rally up almost 2.70 percent.   In the U.S.,  the Nasdaq lead the way up 2.01 … Continue reading

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Apple: Break Out the Pom Poms

We’re gonna put on the pom poms for Apple again here.   Last night the company reported $65.6 in cash and marketable securities, which equates to around $71 per share.    Adjusting for the cash and assuming a conservative $27 in earnings … Continue reading

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Apple Juices the Shorts

The past week we have been blasted with e-mails and comments about Apple’s head & shoulders pattern, how it’s going to $280, blah, blah.   This stock is a fave of the MoMo boyz and the leveraged set, which is a … Continue reading

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Euro Fracture: Angry Greeks

The following article was posted today on SpiegelOnline and reflects the toxic and fractious politics in the Eurozone.   Whether it is the historic turnout for the True Finns on Sunday or the Angry Greeks suing German newspapers,  Europe is, at … Continue reading

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Macro Notes from the Intel Conference Call

Intel put up some surprisingly strong numbers as reflected below.  The stock traded up as much as 7 percent in after hours.  Holding gains after earnings has proven elusive in the past.  It will be interesting to see if “this … Continue reading

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Key Charts from IBM Earnings

Wild trading in IBM in the after hours session.  The stock traded up almost to $170 a few minutes after earnings were announced then down to almost $160.  Strong numbers but apparently traders were not happy with the signings.  (click … Continue reading

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