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The Streak

In case you missed Charlie B.’s excellent table from yesterday, which illustrates the S&P500 has not closed below its 200-day moving average in 526 days, here you go. Stunning, especially given Joltin’ Joe’s hitting streak lasted 526 consecutive games.  Coincidence?   You … Continue reading

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Apple Grows Q3 Revs By 17 Percent

Apple out with earnings.  Stock up about 3 percent in after hours. Revenues We note:  1) the 17 percent overall revenue growth, still impressive given the size of the company;  2) looks like no blowback yet on trade with China, … Continue reading

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QOTD: Jamie Dimon

Bad policies lead to bad outcomes.  –  Jamie Dimon,  July 30, 2018 (QOTD = Quote of the Day)

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Overhyped Relative Job Creation. Sound Familiar?

Steven Rattner, whom the UAW can thank for leading the auto bailout during the GFC,  presented these graphs today on Morning Joe.   Does the analysis look a little familiar? It should.  We first presented it in our, Deconstructing The … Continue reading

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Does social media make us less happy? – Fareed

Fareed’s interview with Yale professor, Laurie Santos, and teacher of Yale’s most popular class ever, the “happiness class”  is a great follow up to our Facebook post from last week. Yale professor Laurie Santos, who teaches a popular “happiness class,” tells … Continue reading

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How Experts and Analysts Reacted to the GDP Number | CNBC

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Week In Review – July 27

Summary U.S. 10-year yield wider on the week and pushed toward 3 percent. GDP data good but below whispers Turkey 10-year rates out 72 bps as concerns over lack of liquidity, indie monetary policy, and Trump threats Some decent tightening … Continue reading

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Pakistan election: Challenges over economy and legitimacy

FT South Asia correspondent Kiran Stacey looks at the challenges facing the victor of Pakistan’s election, Imran Khan, over his legitimacy following vote-rigging claims and an economic crisis that could lead to an IMF bailout. ► Subscribe to here: … Continue reading

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Sector ETF Performance – July 27

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Global Risk Monitor – July 27

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