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Presidenital and Decennial Chart Analog Tracking – Q1

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Week in Review: Anti-Nukes Nuke Merkel

The markets showed incredible resilience last week in their ability to look past Japan’s potential supply chain and nuclear problem, continued MENA instability, $100 plus crude oil, and the recent cover of Newsweek.    The VIX experienced its second biggest … Continue reading

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Spring Fever: The Mick and The Hammer

It’s that time of year and as Opening Day approaches we look at a great article on Mickey Mantle in today’s  L.A. Times and last’s night rerun of David Letterman’s interview with Hank Aaron.  Relax for a few and enjoy … Continue reading

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The Weekend Read: Beyond the Noise

Li & Fung, a Hong Kong-based consumer goods sourcing and logistics company, warned that “a new era in sourcing with higher prices” has begun, as manufacturers pass on the rising costs of both raw materials and Chinese labour to customers. … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day: Der Spiegel Headline

“At Some Point, People Will Speculate against Germany’ – Der Spiegel

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Inflation Cometh: The End of Cheap Chinese Goods

We  posted yesterday about the end of Chimerica and have written several pieces on the rapid increase in Chinese manufacturing wages and end of the secular disinflation caused by the entry of the country’s labor force into the global economy.   … Continue reading

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Chart of the Day: History of U.S. Energy Consumption

At today’s closing prices, crude oil is now trading more than 4x its BTU energy equivalent price relative to natural gas.  If sustained,  which we have our doubts,  it will interesting to see how this chart develops over the next … Continue reading

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China’s Collasping Demographic and the End of Chimerica

…by far the most massive falloff in young manpower is set to take place in China. Over the next 20 years, by the Census Bureau‘s projections, this key working age group will be falling in China by fully 100 million … Continue reading

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Stronger Euro Will Slaughter the PIIGS

The Euro keeps moving higher on expectations of an ECB interest rate hike and what is beginning to appear almost terminal dollar weakness.   The export destination mix of  Ireland, for example, is around 60 percent to the EU 27  and … Continue reading

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Cartoon of the Day: Einstein’s California Epiphany

Hat tip, Craig “Crack Spread” B.!  (click here if cartoon is not observable)

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