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US wage battle continues – FT

Moves by Walmart and McDonald’s to raise the hourly wage for workers to nearly $10 an hour merely encouraged more low-paid staff to join a US-wide day of action, say organisers. The FT’s Christopher Booker reports from NYC’s protests. For … Continue reading

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America’s Bubble Dependent Economy

Interesting chart (which we marked up) from the JEC of the U.S. Congress illustrating household net worth as a percent personal income.   If that doesn’t look like a head and shoulders formation in the making, nothing does! The second chart … Continue reading

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Global Wage Growth

Interesting data from the latest Global Wage Report from the International Labor Organization. The following table illustrates the cumulative increase in real wages since 2000.  Note the marked differences across regions.  In Asia,  real wages have nearly doubled while only … Continue reading

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