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Consequences Of Jack Asset Monetary Policy

You have to own assets to make it in the New Economy.   Pity the younger generations. Check out the growing wealth disparity in the below chart, which is clearly the result of monetary policy. The Fed’s increasing reliance  on the … Continue reading

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The New Economy

In 1999, I called one of my professors from graduate school who taught monetary theory.  Let’s call him Joe. Here’s a short summary of the conversation: Me:  Professor Joe,  can you believe how big this stock market bubble has grown? … Continue reading

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China Obsessed With Wealth Effect

We discussed the increasing role of the “wealth effect” in U.S. monetary policy and a key driver of aggregate demand in out last post,  The Gold-Bond Correlation And Other Macro Observations. Nothing compared to China, however. Why are investments so … Continue reading

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America’s Bubble Dependent Economy

Interesting chart (which we marked up) from the JEC of the U.S. Congress illustrating household net worth as a percent personal income.   If that doesn’t look like a head and shoulders formation in the making, nothing does! The second chart … Continue reading

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Jeremy Grantham CNBC Interview

Run don’t walk to CNBC’s extended interview with Jeremy Grantham, chief investment strategist at Grantham Mayo Van Otterloo (GMO).  Click here for the interview. He begins commenting on the Fed’s attempt to stimulate growth through the  “wealth effect,” noting that … Continue reading

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