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China’s September PMI 53.8 v. August 51.7

China’s PMI came in at 53.8,  erasing fears the economy was slowing.  A decent ISM (54.5   consensus) tomorrow will set a positive tone for Q4.  Recall our analysis of the under invested private pension funds sector (see chart below), which … Continue reading

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The “Catch-Up”Trade

Interesting chart of today’s activity.  They sold the grains and bought crude, which has been a laggard.  The “catch-up” trade, where laggards outperform,  may be the theme of the markets for the next few weeks.

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Will the Republican “Young Guns” Lasso Gold?

We’ve commented that an off-radar risk to gold is the hard money inclinations of the Republican leadership.  A Republican House in the next Congress is a done deal according to the prediction markets.  Intrade gives the scenario a 75 percent probability. … Continue reading

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Black Swans Everywhere

Equities are holding up well given some very ugly headlines (see below).   The markets ignored the strikes in Europe today, which is quite remarkable as it was the live CNBC video feed of the Greek riots that got the flash … Continue reading

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Solar “Death Ray” Burns Lawyer. Stocks Up Big!

Wow!  This sounds like something out of Shakespeare Star Wars.   The Daily Tech reports, Hotel Accidentally Makes Solar “Death Ray,” Burns Lawyer… Bill Pintas was vacationing in Las Vegas when he decided to stay at the swank new Vdara … Continue reading

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What is Spec? Baby, don’t hurt me, don’t me. No more!

Molycorp (MCP) and the rare earthers are getting hammered again today on reports that China has lifted the ban on REEs to Japan.   [Schrödinger’s] cat is out the bag and to think it is business as usual is complete nonsense.   … Continue reading

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Pension Funds Under Allocated to Equities – Fuel for Rally?

Just a quick post of an interesting chart we constructed after a night of data crunching.  This is preliminary analysis as we still need to look at flows versus valuation effects, and the data should also be viewed with a … Continue reading

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The New Gold Rush?

Rare Earth (REE) stocks,  including Molycorp,  got hammered today and we added a little to our position.  These  stocks are over extended as most are up over 100 percent in the past month. We believe this story has legs and … Continue reading

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The 10-year sets sail for 2 percent…

The 10-year closed at 2.46 percent today, a 20-month low,  on the back of weak consumer confidence.  Bond buyers and traders hear the horn of QE2 and anticipate a  [Kentucky] FED take-out at higher prices. Stocks up,  commodities x/grains up,  … Continue reading

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The Quantum Mechanics of the U.S. Bond Market

The 10-year Treasury rate fell almost 10 bps to close at 2.52 percent,  just 4 bps off its August 24 recent low.   A close below 2.50 percent will clear the way for a move to challenge the December ’08 low … Continue reading

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