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Don’t Chase Happiness, Become Antifragile


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The Super Plant Of The Future | DW

#CKStrong The Graduate The Times They Are A Changin

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QOTD: Inflation = The Hangover From What We Love

#CKStrong QOTD = Quote of the Day William Edward Simon was an American businessman and philanthropist who served as the 63rd United States Secretary of the Treasury. He became the Secretary of the Treasury on May 9, 1974, during the Nixon … Continue reading

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THE Chart To Watch

#CKStrong Tesla (TSLA), the poster child of the latest leg of the bull market, which began in March 2020, is again testing what has been its unpenetrable support at the 200-day moving average. The stock has to hold here. Maybe, … Continue reading

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Inflation: The Road Ahead For The Rest Of 2022

#CKStrong A reasonably informative video below, especially regarding inflation. Not much mention of the growth of money driving excess demand, however. M2 (thanks to the great Ed Yardeni for the charts) is still growing over 10 percent, in the U.S. … Continue reading

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Wall Street Hedges

#CKStrong Do you not know? Have you not heard? Wall Street is an everlasting marketing machine. — Book of GMM Is The Street now day trading their market strategies?  Check out the opposing views from America’s largest bank, the eighth … Continue reading

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The Power Of The Fed (Must View)| Frontline

#CKStrong This may be the most important and timely video you may very well ever watch.  If you want to understand today’s markets and economy, it’s your must view, folks. 

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The Parable Of Two Quarterbacks

#CKStrong Seriously doubt this QB is ever going to win the NFL’s Walter Payton Award, He just doesn’t have the character. Follow the thread, the woman fractured her spine. @AdamSchefter get on Matthew Stafford watching a photographer fall of the … Continue reading

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What Is Your Car Mileage Per 55K Big Macs?

#CKStrong We are reposting a fun piece we posted back in the day after auditing a clean energy class at UC Berkeley. Carol K. reminded us after forwarding this cool annual dynamic of the Big Mac index based on purchasing … Continue reading

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The Components That Make Up A Gallon Of Gas

#CKStrong Here’s a GMM chart blast from the past.   Still very relevant, especially as the government is considering reducing the gas tax to reduce inflation.  Not a lot of blood in that turnip and the focus should be on … Continue reading

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