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Gold To $3,500?

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The Market For Whom The Bell Tolls

Does it get any louder than this or is this time different? The greatest and wealthiest investor in history has no clue, has lost his touch, and is one of those Idjit “permabears,” right?

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The Poster Boy Of The Current Mania

We concede that TSLA should have some option value for its battery tech moonshot but a 1,160 PE ratio? Come on, man! Toyota (TOY) currently trades at 8x earnings. Tesla makes an incredible product, in our opinion, the best automobile … Continue reading

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Pitchforks Cometh…Or Worse

The rivets are starting to pop, folks. Buy stonks. Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world – W.B. Yeats

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Time For Some Context, Again

Money Fueled Bubble Speculative manias gather speed through expansion of money and credit. Most expansions of money and credit do not lead to a mania; there are many more economic expansions than there are manias. But every mania has been … Continue reading

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Manufacturing Jobs Rocking In Craft Beer & Cupcake Production

We had a little fun Twitter exchange yesterday with Scott Lincicome, a Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute, and Brent Orrell, Resident Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. Of course. And as I already noted: the US is actually doing … Continue reading

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Not Your Big Sister’s Economy & Stock Market Anymore

Stunning transformation of the world’s largest stocks over the past decade-and-a-half. When normalized to global GDP it also illustrates the economic and market power of the largest stocks. The data in the below table show that the the top eight … Continue reading

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Shorts Giving Up The Ghost

Do you hear that?

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Apple’s Road To $2 Trillion

Apple closed Friday with a stunning market capitalization of $2.127 trillion. Just for some context, the company is now worth more than every state’s GDP in the country with the exception of California ($3.1 trillion), and larger than all but … Continue reading

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Black Swan Hunting

While the macro boys at GMM are off hunting Black Swans,  I am making money to keep the lights on. – Carol K., GMM, August 11th Yes, Carol K is correct, and we thank her for keeping the lights on at … Continue reading

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