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The Clash Of Generations Is Here

Don’t know if you caught the Democratic debate the other night, which featured Bernie and Joe, who could be the grandfathers of some of the younger candidates that were on stage, but it also confirmed the arrival of what we have … Continue reading

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SBNN = Song Before Night Night Must admit this is the only BMW I have ever owned.   As in (B)ob (M)arley & the (W)ailers. When I lived on the UYupper West Side (are there still Yuppies?) in a different era, … Continue reading

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Huawei’s American Suppliers Set To Rock The Casbah, Or Not?

Here are some of the top American suppliers to Huawei that should Rock the Casbah in Monday trading after Trump’s rethink the Chinese company is a national security risk. It’s still not clear what the Trump-Xi Osaka handshake and agreement mean, … Continue reading

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Charts That Validate Stocks Are In The Process Of Topping

The S&P 200-day rolling return is an interesting chart but not much in the way of signals with the exception to illustrate the S&P500 does not fall out of the sky and enter bear markets after a strong 200-day run. … Continue reading

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On This Day: One Wrong Turn & History’s Biggest “Butterfly Effect”

This post seems more relevant than ever as many believe the initial conditions of today are very similar to those of the Spring and Summer of  1914. One wrong turn, one small change in initial conditions can change the course … Continue reading

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Are Stocks In A Bear Market?

Technically, no. Spiritually?  Nor sure, but definitely, there’s is something happening here. What is ain’t exactly clear. S&P Flat For Past 17 Months Even with all the Strum und Drang since the massive volatility shock of January 2018 — which includes … Continue reading

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The Snowflake Economy & Market

Don’t talk to me about snowflakes.  I have one daughter in college and one about to enter and we have had some very interesting and, let’s just say loud, discussions about free speech,  triggers, snowflakes, and safe spaces.   On one … Continue reading

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How Tariffs Affect Nontradeables

25 Jun – 11:28:47 AM [RTRS] (LEN.N) – LENNAR CORP SAYS U.S. TARIFFS ON CHINESE GOODS HAS BEEN A HEADWIND; ON AVERAGE, THE IMPACT FOR LENNAR IS ABOUT $500 PER HOME – CONF CALL — Alastair Williamson (@StockBoardAsset) June 25, … Continue reading

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US and China relationship has forever changed

At times you will still see some volatility, says Catherine Yeung, investment director at Fidelity International.  – CNBC International

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Negative Yields Are Pure Gold

               Hat Tip:  @mootrades Begs the question (petitio principii):  Why Are Yields Negative?  

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