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Gold and the QE War?

This is going to an interesting week for gold.  We expect some currency fireworks as the Bank of Japan draws a line in the sand for the Yen around the 80 level.  Will the Japanese respond to QE2 with more … Continue reading

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Rousseff Promises Continuity of Brazil’s Economic Policy

With almost all the votes counted, Dilma Rousseff was elected Brazil’s first female president, with 56% of the votes versus 44% for her opponent, Jose Serra of the Brazilian Social Democrat Party.    The Miami Herald reports, Dilma Rousseff, a former … Continue reading

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The Yoke is Hard and the Debt Burden is Heavy

We found this table from Brookings very interesting.  The net public debt per worker of the Advanced Economies in the G20 has increased from US$33K in 2007 t0 US$50.2 in 2010, an increase of 50 percent and projected to grow … Continue reading

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Chart of the Day – Yield Seekers Go Parabolic

“John Bull can stand many things, but he can’t stand two zero percent.” We have written about yield seeking capital flows, the currency wars, and zero interest rate, monetary policy, but nothing illustrates the issue better than this chart of … Continue reading

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Robert Prechter’s 100 Predictions – 7 years later

Here are 100 predictions that Elliot Wave Theorist, Robert Prechter, made in October 2003.  As my econ professor once said, “if you’re going to forecast, forecast a lot and forecast often.” No mention of the rise of Apple or the … Continue reading

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China to Resume Shipping Rare Earth Minerals – NY Times

The NY Times is reporting China has ended its Rare Earth export embargo just shortly after Secretary of State Clinton announced she would question the policy on her upcoming visit.  Interesting, China never admitted to export restrictions. As expected the … Continue reading

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France’s half-century spending spree is coming to an end

Run don’t walk to James Traub’s Foreign Policy’s piece, The Spectacle of the Society.  Sarkozy’s approval ratings are at 30 percent as he battles rioters.   There is a lot here, even for Americans: The drama of rewriting the postwar social … Continue reading

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Rare Earth Metals ETF (REMX) Begins Trading October 28th

Don’t forget the Van Eck Rare Earth/Strategic Metals ETF (REMX) is set to begin trading tomorrow.   The ETF seeks to replicate the performance of the Market Vectors Rare Earth/Strategic Metals Index. Click here for prospectus.

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Rare Earth Day 3.0

The Rare Earths continue to rock today in a down market as the story unfolds.  Germany announced yesterday the rare earth supply shortage is starting to hit their industrial base.  The Chinese canceled a three-way high level meeting with Japan … Continue reading

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US Budget Deficit 9th Largest Economy in the World

After falling to a low of 2.33 percent on October 8th, the 10-day Treasury has sold-off closing today at a yield of 2.64 percent.  The recent high is around 2.83 percent, which we will be watching closely. To get a … Continue reading

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