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Got Gold?

The Fed’s effective nationalization of the financial markets in the past week has spiked gold prices.  It does appear the first phase of the bear market and bursting of multiple asset bubbles is almost complete.  Phase 1, an initial massive deleveraging, … Continue reading

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U.S. Treasury Borrowing & QE Forever

The U.S. Treasury recently released the December monthly statement, which put us to work crunching the data.  Note the Treasury is on an October-September fiscal year.  We are using calendar years in our analysis. Federal Borrowing From The Public The … Continue reading

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Spain facing fine over manipulating deficit data

We’re shocked, shocked to find out that governments manipulate their economic data.   Not! (click here if video is not observable)

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10-year Spike: 70 Bps, 14 days

The rapidity of the spike in long-term Treasury rates  is starting to raise some eyebrows. The yield on the 10-year bond has increased 70 bps in just 14 days. We have identified thirteen similar moves, where rates initially spiked 70 … Continue reading

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US Budget Deficit 9th Largest Economy in the World

After falling to a low of 2.33 percent on October 8th, the 10-day Treasury has sold-off closing today at a yield of 2.64 percent.  The recent high is around 2.83 percent, which we will be watching closely. To get a … Continue reading

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