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Jimmy (the Trader) Crack(s) Corn and Says Adios to QE2

Wow!  December Corn futures finally opens with a 13.4 percent loss from Wednesday’s high to the opening low.  Wheat has also been hammered. The WSJ reports, As recently as June 9, USDA officials had guessed that excessive rain and widespread … Continue reading

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It’s beginning to look a lot like? Choose your analog…

It’s the end of the first half and we’ve updated our Presidential Stock Cycle, Decennial, and 1991 analog charts.   Click here, here,  and here for background.  Note,  the predicted performance of the Presidential and Decennial analogs are constructed from the … Continue reading

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Sarkozy Attack Video

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Why Europe Can’t Afford a Greek Haircut

If a picture is worth a thousand words, the following chart from the IMF encapsulates all the analysis one needs to understand why Mr. Trichet and the rest of the Eurozone bureaucracy are so adamant about not letting Greece restructure … Continue reading

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Markets Catch Traders Offside

Looks like traders, including yours truly, were caught catawampus in a pair of Nike shorts (ouch!),  either not long enough or short, both equities and the Euro, coming into the week, even as some of the short-term signals were turning … Continue reading

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Chart of the Day: Greek Parliament

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Week in Review: Euro Contagion and Greek Rollovers

Short and sweet commentary tonight as last week really didn’t resolve much.  The S&P500 met tough resistance and was rejected twice at the 1298-99 level.  Though the index made a higher low and higher high, it closed Friday just a … Continue reading

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Have Policymakers Discovered the “Splendid Arbitrage”?

How ’bout a little summer Sunday humor (albeit a little nerdy) before getting back to the daily grind.   Last week saw a global coordinated response to shaft specs in crude oil as many, including us, think the rise in … Continue reading

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Global Trend Indicators

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Support of the Masses

Just a quick little chart for the weekend to show how the major indices are at or near key support levels.   Here we have the CRB Index breaking short-term support yesterday and just barely closing through its 200-day moving average.   … Continue reading

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