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Happy New Year Year! And That Song?

Happy New Year, folks! After this year’s market returns, go out and enjoy one of these parties.  See ya’ next year. Repost Posted on December 31, 2018 In 2019 I will try and learn something new every day.   Already have … Continue reading

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BFTP: Greatest Arb Ever

This will make for some nice New Year’s cocktail conversation. Upshot?   One gallon of gasoline = the energy equivalent of 54.7K Big Macs. BFTP = Blast From The Past Greatest Arb Ever: Cracking Gas into Big Macs Originally Posted on January 12, … Continue reading

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Global Risk Monitor – 2018

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2018 Sector ETF Performance

Forget about the noise of the last week.   December and Q4 were an ugly finish to an ugly year.  A lot going on underneath the hood.  Stay tuned.  

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My Margin Call From The Grim Reaper

Wow!  That was a close one. Didn’t realize how serious it was during my last post, “Do You Believe In Omens.” Before I go on, let me THANK my readers from all over the world for the kind and encouraging … Continue reading

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Do You Believe In Omens?

After finishing my last post earlier tonight on how we may be misdiagnosing the ails of the market, I had this strange episode where I couldn’t breathe.  I really thought it was lights out. Last month I had a pain … Continue reading

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Diagnosing What Ails The Market

My father-in-law died of rectal melanoma, a disease so rare his doctors didn’t even know it existed.  He was diagnosed with having a rectal fissure.   He lived with some discomfort until I called him one night.  Slurring his words, he … Continue reading

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Japan’s Contrary Move On Immigration

Japan zigs (liberalizing) while the U.S. and Europe zag (restricting) on immigration. Interestingly Japan recognizes that immigration can move the needle on growth and is moving to finally liberalize its policies.    There are three main factors that drive economic … Continue reading

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Week In Review – December 14

Summary Bond yields relatively stable in spite of weak and volatile equities Bookend EM 10-year yields – Brazil in 40 bps, Turkey out 70 bps U.S. credit stabilized last week Dixie traded to new 52-week high but couldn’t close above … Continue reading

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World (War I) Series

This is so cool…more than baseball heroes! Hank Gowdy and men from the 116th Infantry playing ball behind the front lines in France, August 1918. NARA. @OTBaseballPhoto — Jeff Nichols (@backwards_river) December 15, 2018

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