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Interest Payments On Treasury Debt Up 29% y/y

Here is a follow-up on last week’s chart with some excellent granular detail.    Interest payments on the national debt during the current fiscal year (October to February) are up 29 percent y/y, one of the fastest-growing expenditure components of the … Continue reading

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Age Of Easy Money | Frontline

Must view, folks!

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Time To Fear The American Street 2.0

Here’s a repost to keep on your radar, given the expected fireworks on Tuesday.  Getting long water canons and the National Guard. The question is which side does the National Guard side with in the Red States?  Will Biden have … Continue reading

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Global Risk Monitor: Week In Review – March 17

Tough week, especially for European banks and equities.  

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Happy St. Patrick’s (Maweyn Succat) Day!

Blast From The Past (BFTP). For my late grandmother from Cork. Originally Posted On March 17, 2012 Happy St. Patrick’s (Maweyn Succat) Day! St. Patrick, Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day. Simple, right? The man wasn’t even Irish! He was actually born in … Continue reading

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The U.S. Budget Deficit Turning Up Again

After normalizing post-COVID, the U.S. budget deficit is starting to turn up again.  The 12-month trailing deficit was $1.62 trillion at the end of February, or around 6.14 percent of GDP.   Good luck bringing inflation down to 2 percent, given … Continue reading

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Foreign Holdings Of U.S. Treasuries

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Seriously? Swissie a Safe Haven During a Banking Crisis?

We are reposting an oldie but goldie piece, given the market jitters over Credit-Suisse. We are baffled by the conventional wisdom that a bank run or crisis is deflationary. Yes, in the early 1930s, when the Fed and other central … Continue reading

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Silicon Valley Bank: What Really Went Wrong?

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QOTD: How Fragile?

QOTD = Quote of the Day

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