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CK Chart Sunday

Since CK loved charts, we will honor her with a weekly (consistent as we can) chart series with addition of a few of our comments. 1. Crypto Crash  Rising speculative asset values that are not backed by production are inflationary … Continue reading

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Larry Summers On Inflation

Rate hikes can slow the flow of endogenous money (market and credit-based), but there is too much base money (central bank created) in the global economy.  Much of the supply chain disruptions are from too much demand swamping supply capacity.  … Continue reading

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The World Needs An Immaculate Mass Conception

What a sad commentary on our society at large, which, we infer is partially the result of the messy world the younger generations have inherited from the Boomers. GMM has been writing about the Clash of Generations for years. Generation … Continue reading

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S&P500 Key Levels

The next big number on the downside for the S&P is 3838.79, which brings the first Fib retracement level of the secular bull market that began in March 2009 into play. It will get some attention. Watch that space.  

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Hamburger Inflation: Input Costs

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Foreign Central Banks Accelerate Treasury Selling

The U.S. Treasury released its TIC data this afternoon, which confirmed our priors that foreign central banks continue to sell off their Treasury holdings, down $98.4 billion in March and -$135.4 billion over the past 12 months.   Surprisingly, Japan was … Continue reading

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R.I.P. Carol K.

We are extremely sad to report our beloved Carol K. passed in her sleep at home early Friday morning. She had been home only ten days after 345 consecutive days in the hospital, recovering from a stem cell transplant, among … Continue reading

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The New World Order And Global Capital Flows

#CKStrong GMM will be going dark for a few weeks. Watch This Space We are waiting anxiously for Monday’s U.S. Treasury release of the TIC data, particularly the major foreign holdings of U.S. Treasury securities. We are closely monitoring the foreign … Continue reading

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Now For Some Good News

#CKStrong The U.S. budget deficit (12-month trailing) has fallen from almost 20 percent of GDP in Q1 2021 — most of which was indirectly financed by the Fed and an increase in Treasury bill issuance — to our estimate of … Continue reading

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Tech Revenues In Context

#CKStrong Apple’s air pod revenues alone generated $23.05 billion in revenue during their 2020 financial year – this is more revenue than Twitter, Spotify and Square combined. It gives Netflix’s entire business a run for its money as well – … Continue reading

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