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Brexit Market Plummets – “The Clock Is Ticking”

After negotiations in Brussels failed to produce a  breakthrough, the odds at PredictIt of an official Brexit by November 1 tanked into the teens on big volume.  The market was only pricing around a 30 percent probability of a deal … Continue reading

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Heads Up! Friday’s Rare S&P Shooting Star Candlestick

We’ve been ignoring the daily noise of the stock market given the futility of trying trade against the blatant market manipulation but especially, after the S&P met our target of 3025, which we posted on April 1st, If you have … Continue reading

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Another Potemkin Trade Deal

Chalk up another meaningless, photo-op trade agreement with the recent U.S.-Japan Trade Agreement.   The country and, especially, American farmers would have been much better off staying in the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). The Japan deal is just another Potemkin trade … Continue reading

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It Begins

  It is starting to get real, folks.  The U.S. is in the midst of a major and potentially very destabilizing Constitutional Crisis. Don’t listen to the talking heads flapping their jaws.   Everything is not awesome.  Any strength or … Continue reading

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How The Rich Get Richer And The Poor Get Poorer

The power is off in Northern California but we want to get this out even though it is still in draft form.  We are working off the desk and not sure when power will be restored.  Take this as our … Continue reading

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Private Sector Job Growth

Just a follow-up chart to our weekend post, Job Creation: Reality v. Politics,  to reflect the sharp downshift in private-sector job creation.  The 3-month moving average of the monthly change in total private-sector payrolls is now at its lowest level since July … Continue reading

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Walmart Nation Continues To Bleed Jobs

Just an update on our last post, Trouble Coming To Walmart Nation?  Warehouse clubs and supercenter retailers continue to shed workers.   Along with being Amazoned, the big box retailers are adopting automation at a lightspeed pace and have cut over 42k jobs … Continue reading

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Job Creation: Reality v. Politics

A nice chart for those who live in a fact-based world. Job creation in the first 32 payroll reports in the Trump administration is significantly lagging the prior 32 months before President Trump took office.   Employment Situation – September … Continue reading

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The Rise Of Deep Fakes

Time to question everything, folks. Deepfakes have started to appear everywhere. From viral celebrity face-swaps to impersonations of political leaders – it can be hard to spot the difference between real and fake. Digital impressions are starting to have real … Continue reading

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QOTD: Foreigners RSVP For 2020 U.S. Election

Are you surprised?  The government has all but put out the welcome matt. In addition to Iran, hackers from North Korea and Russia have already started targeting organizations that work closely with 2020 presidential candidates. – NY Times

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