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Alan Greenspan On The “Twin Bubbles”

We suspect the duration and resolution of the twin bubbles will be a bit more complicated than the and credit/housing bubble — i.e., a swift waterfall collapse followed by a sharp rebound driven by the Federal Reserve to even … Continue reading

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That Was One Heckuva Streak!

Wow! Back-to-back more than 1/2 percent down days for the S&P500 ending a streak going way back to January 2016. Feels like we just landed on Mars or in the Bronx  after Joe DiMaggio’s 56-game hitting streak  was snapped, no? … Continue reading

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Ugly Politics Puts U.S. Bull Market At Risk

We often post political analysis but rarely stray into the crocodile-infested swamp of partisan politics. It is our duty to our readers from across a broad political spectrum to stay true to our mission to provide, mostly, positive economic, financial, … Continue reading

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Watch This Space…

Because the eurozone is where the big bond bubble lives. Though the euro periphery is now in Convergence 2.0 mode on hopes of eMac’s vision of a more integrated ‘zone, the German 10-year is at a critical level, and yields … Continue reading

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Week In Review – January 26

Summary The wealth effect – boosting consumption out of what is perceived as permanent wealth -seems to be kicking in.   Consumers are feeling flush with the humungo gains in stocks and housing over the past few years.  It also … Continue reading

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Big Brother Alive And Well And Living In China (Must View)

This clip from the BBC is incredible and very disconcerting. We suspect this technology, and the use thereof, is not just limited to China but ubiquitous throughout Western countries.   Double yikes! China has been building what it calls “the … Continue reading

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Sector ETF Performance – January 26

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Global Risk Monitor – January 26

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Top 10 Most Expensive and Cheapest Stock Markets

  … look at the table ranking the top and bottom 10 countries by PE10 valuation. The bottom features a couple of usual suspects (Russia and Greece), although in the case of Greece you might argue that earnings are now … Continue reading

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Why the dollar is weak – FT

Authers dishes on the weak dollar. You know our suspicions (and just that – suspicions – as nobody really knows with certainty), which should negate some of this morning’s reversal on the president’s comments that sent shorts scrambling. Unless that … Continue reading

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