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Paul Tudor Jones Interview

I worked for one of the greatest global macro traders of all-time and almost went to work for this one.  PTJ is the best.  

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Bolsonaro speaks at Davos, World Economic Forum

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Could 2018 Be the Year of the Next Financial Crisis?

Interesting this was posted two days before market top.  One of the major concerns was a spike in volatility.  So prescient. Davos was so lathered up with Bull.  Always so contrarian. Is the century’s longest stock market bull run about … Continue reading

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Why the dollar is weak – FT

Authers dishes on the weak dollar. You know our suspicions (and just that – suspicions – as nobody really knows with certainty), which should negate some of this morning’s reversal on the president’s comments that sent shorts scrambling. Unless that … Continue reading

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Tech More Than An “Alternative Virtual Universe” – P. Thiel

Peter Thiel, one of favorite billionaire, venture capitalist, and hedge fund managers, really nails the future and raison d’etre  of technology, in our opinion.  Recall his famous line,  “We wanted flying cars, instead we got 140 characters.”    Amen to that! … Continue reading

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Merkel tells Davos that Europe must reform

(click here if video is not observable)

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