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QOTD: The Facebook Facial

Facebook (Sheryl Sandberg) and Twitter (Jack Dorsey) on Capitol Hill today taking pipe from the pols.   Large cap tech getting spanked with both stocks down meaningful. I am all in for either they [Facebook] step up and take responsibility for … Continue reading

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How Presidential Scandal Endangers Global Stability

In our latest post, Beware Shorting Impeachments,  we noted: Bad things tend to happen in the world when the U.S. administration is distracted and looks weakened by political scandal.  And, believe us, there is a legion of bad things out there … Continue reading

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The New Twitter Billionaires – Bloomberg

Sept. 26 (Bloomberg) — Bloomberg’s Doug MacMillan reports on Twitter backers that stand to gain from an IPO. He speaks with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg) (click here if video is not observable)

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Tech More Than An “Alternative Virtual Universe” – P. Thiel

Peter Thiel, one of favorite billionaire, venture capitalist, and hedge fund managers, really nails the future and raison d’etre  of technology, in our opinion.  Recall his famous line,  “We wanted flying cars, instead we got 140 characters.”    Amen to that! … Continue reading

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Negotiating the Fiscal Cliff on Twitter

Times they are a-changin’. House Speaker,  John Boehner,  just tweeted this (around 2:55 PM eastern):

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The Twitter Election

Great infographic from learnstuff.com on voter turnout and social media.  The Repubs really need to learn how to use social media better, particularly,  Twitter. Click here for other great graphics at the learnstuff website. Hat tip Chloe C.!  (click here … Continue reading

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The tweet that turned the market

Bill Gross was credited for turning the market around today with the following tweet: PIMCO ‏@PIMCO Gross: Draghi appears willing to write 2-3 year “checks” to peripherals. Very reflationary. Buy gold, TIPS, real assets. Talk about nervous shorts! (click here … Continue reading

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TR50: The 50 Most Innovative Companies (46-50)

Here are 46-50 and the last of MIT’s Technology Review’s 50 Most Innovative Companies in 2011.  We have been posting in increments of five every few days as not to overwhelm you with info and required reading. Click here for 1-5 … Continue reading

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