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Paul Tudor Jones Interview

I worked for one of the greatest global macro traders of all-time and almost went to work for this one.  PTJ is the best.  

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Jeremy Grantham: “This one [bubble]… a decline of a different nature”

Great and super fascinating interview with investing legend, Jeremy Grantham, one of the best bubble spotters out there. “I arrived in 1964, and America was a fairly equal place with fairly rapid mobility between socioeconomic classes,” Grantham told CNBC’s Wilfred … Continue reading

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Reagan’s “Boy Wonder” Nails It On Trade

Excellent CNBC interview with David Stockman, President Reagan’s head of OMB, who speaks his mind and never holds back.    Some dismiss him as a perma-bear and doomsayer. We certainly don’t, just has been a bit early, like every analyst … Continue reading

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Tech More Than An “Alternative Virtual Universe” – P. Thiel

Peter Thiel, one of favorite billionaire, venture capitalist, and hedge fund managers, really nails the future and raison d’etre  of technology, in our opinion.  Recall his famous line,  “We wanted flying cars, instead we got 140 characters.”    Amen to that! … Continue reading

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Julian Robertson on CNBC

Maria interviews the “Great One.”    Money quotes, “I think our economy and some of the things overseas are having a big effect on investors,” Robertson said. “I think right now a lot of very good investors have become so frightened … Continue reading

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CNBC Interviews Jim Grant

In case you missed this fascinating interview with Jim Grant. He plans to open the “Office of Unintended Consequences” when he is appointed Fed Chairman. The money quote, “All of us investors live and work in kind of a hall … Continue reading

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CNBC Interview: Julian Robertson, Hedge Fund Legend

“I am breathing hard and scared…” In case you missed it,  we’re posting Julian Robertson’s  interview with CNBC’s Squawk Box from last week.   Click below to hear Mr. Robertson opine on the various topics.  A must watch. Where markets are … Continue reading

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