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Reagan’s “Boy Wonder” Nails It On Trade

Excellent CNBC interview with David Stockman, President Reagan’s head of OMB, who speaks his mind and never holds back.    Some dismiss him as a perma-bear and doomsayer. We certainly don’t, just has been a bit early, like every analyst … Continue reading

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How President Reagan Tried To Help The Steelworkers

In general, trade benefits the great majority of the population by increasing real incomes, and creates many more jobs than it destroys, but a small minority become  losers from increased trade.  The winners should, or have a duty to compensate … Continue reading

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Analysis Of Presidential Job Approval Ratings

We’ve analyzed the Presidential Job Approval Ratings from Gallup since Truman to Trump.  It compliments our August 27 post,  Presidential Job Approval: Truman to Trump. Political Junkies And Financial Types Since the dollar index is highly correlated to President Trump’s … Continue reading

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Presidential Job Approval: Truman To Trump

  Source:   Gallup

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Reagan-Trump S&P500 Analog

Trump rally holding.  Now outperforming Reagan’s S&P by 3.13 percent after 47 days from election day.   Meaningless in terms of predicting future performance.  But, fun, no?

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Reagan-Trump S&P500 Analog: Tracking

We’re still tracking the Reagan-Trump S&P500 analog.  We’ve noted it’s a fun exercise and probably useless in predicting the future move in the index given the different macroeconomic initial conditions at the beginning of both Administrations. But, hold on!   … Continue reading

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How Is That Reagan-Trump S&P500 Analog Working Out?

So far, at the close of 2016,  the Trump S&P500 is outperforming  the Reagan S&P500 by 0.38 percent, 38 days after the close of their respective election days.  The Trump bump has been a relatively steady climb before rolling over … Continue reading

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Is Gold Finished?

Big drop in gold today after the FOMC announcement.   Let’s go to the charts. The yellow metal is approaching a 5-year low at around $1,050 (actually $1,046.25), which it hit right around this time last year.   Tough to see a … Continue reading

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