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Ready For 4 Percent CPI By Mid-Year?

Starting to hear lots of talk about inflation these days, something we have been seeing in the pipeline for the past six months. Input price inflation accelerated to a near-decade high in January. Costs increased to the greatest extent since … Continue reading

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Manufacturing Jobs Rocking In Craft Beer & Cupcake Production

We had a little fun Twitter exchange yesterday with Scott Lincicome, a Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute, and Brent Orrell, Resident Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. Of course. And as I already noted: the US is actually doing … Continue reading

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Creative Destruction 3.0 Meets Roaring ’20s 2.0

Creative destruction refers to the incessant product and process innovation mechanism by which new production units replace outdated ones. It was coined by Joseph Schumpeter (1942), who considered it ‘the essential fact about capitalism’. The process of Schumpeterian creative destruction … Continue reading

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Job Creation: Reality v. Politics

A nice chart for those who live in a fact-based world. Job creation in the first 32 payroll reports in the Trump administration is significantly lagging the prior 32 months before President Trump took office.   Employment Situation – September … Continue reading

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Walmart Nation: Visual Capitalist

Some more context to our last post, Trouble Coming To Walmart Nation? Man, the content at the Visual Capitalist is good!  

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Trouble Coming To Walmart Nation?

Not so much for Walmart shareholders after the company beat estimates late in the week helping the stock (WMT) to close on Friday 7.7 percent off its low for the week.  MarketWatch notes the big-box retailer was helped by automation. … Continue reading

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Payroll Prep

Here’s a heads up for Friday’s employment number before we hit the beach:  1) Nonfarm payroll expectations;  2) today’s ADP release, and 3) commentary by Mark Zandi.        

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Nonfarm Payrolls & Employment Data Diverging

Summary Last Friday’s nonfarm payrolls exceeded expectations with the first four months now averaging 205k jobs created, right on the monthly average since October 2011  The employment data is moving the other way, however, falling 103 in April and has … Continue reading

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Reskilling The American Workforce

The future is here, folks. We better start thinking big and bold, beginning with huge investments in human capital.  A new Marshall Plan for the American educational system. Python is not a difficult coding language to learn and the basics … Continue reading

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Trump v. Obama Jobs Market – Midterm Review

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released its final jobs report before the midterm election on Tuesday. The pre-midterm final verdict is in. The Obama economy created 423k more total non farm payroll jobs and 194k more private sector jobs … Continue reading

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