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December 7, 1941: “We are all in the same boat now”

Those words spoken to President Franklin Roosevelt by British Prime Minister Winston Churchill on this day 78 years ago. On December 7, 1941, at around 1:30 p.m., President Franklin Roosevelt is conferring with advisor Harry Hopkins in his study when … Continue reading

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Why The Stock Bull Is A Big Meh For Most Americans

Interesting piece by the FT today that only one-third of Americans feel the benefits of the great bull market.   Only 40 percent of the population realizes stocks are up for the year.  These are tough numbers for a so-called “populist” … Continue reading

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QOTD: Churchill On Truth

QOTD:  Quote of the Day The truth is incontrovertible. Panic may resent it, ignorance may deride it, malice may distort it, but there it is.  — Winston Churchill, HOUSE OF COMMONS, May 17th 1916

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Rollback Is The Word And Dealbreaker

“#China believes if both sides reach a phase-one agreement, relevant tariffs must be lowered.” -Commerce Ministry spox reiterates tariff rollback must be part of phase one #trade deal via @CNBC’s @chengevelyn. Spox says 2 sides in touch. No deets on … Continue reading

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The Trend Toward Hyperautomation & Autonomous Things

Where is the policy response to help the U.S. labor market prepare for this?   Michael Kung, a senior partner at the US research and advisory firm Gartner Inc, told reporters at a press conference in Taiwan yesterday hyper-automation tops the … Continue reading

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COTD: Apple’s Global Supply Chain

COTD:  Chart of the Day Maybe a bit dated but you get the picture, no surprise, China dominates the supply chain, which also includes fabs.  Apple is very exposed to a protracted or forever trade war and deterioration of the global … Continue reading

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Getting Narrow Up Here

$AAPL and $MSFT have together attributed 35% of the total gain in the $NDX this year. 2/106 stocks over 1/3 the gain. A lot will weigh on them for indexers in 2020 — Thomas Thornton (@TommyThornton) December 3, 2019   … Continue reading

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If Facts Mattered…….

The just-released phone logs in the House Intel report would be a nuclear bombshell and could potentially take down a government.   Unless, of course, Rudy is working on a balanced budget amendment with the OMB. Democracy cannot survive if facts … Continue reading

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American Democracy In A Bear Market

…As partisans have drifted apart geographically and ideologically, they’ve become more hostile toward each other. In 1960, less than 5 percent of Democrats and Republicans said they’d be unhappy if their children married someone from the other party; today, 35 … Continue reading

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Manufacturing Sector Contraction Continues, Led By New Orders – ISM

Of the 18 manufacturing industries, five reported growth in November: Apparel, Leather & Allied Products; Food, Beverage & Tobacco Products; Paper Products; Miscellaneous Manufacturing; and Computer & Electronic Products. (Tempe, Arizona) — Economic activity in the manufacturing sector contracted in November, and … Continue reading

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