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Elon Musk: The Man, The Myth, The Meme – Bloomberg

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COTD: Top Five Skills For Tomorrow’s Jobs

COTD = Chart of the Day A quantum of change is coming. As the age of automation takes hold, both young people entering the workforce and those already established in their careers are fretting about the rise of the machines.  … Continue reading

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Why Is Everyone Busting Buffett’s Balls?

Amazing how the FinTwits, not all, are busting Warren’s jewels for holding $100 plus billion in cash and underperforming in this latest blowoff. Assuming the info in the following Tweet is true, and it does  pass the smell test but … Continue reading

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Daily Tracking Poll Now At +16 For Trump’s Removal

This MSN daily tracking poll is often cited by the Drudge Report.  On Christmas Day, Drudge ran this: CHRISTMAS SHOCK POLL: 55% SUPPORT REMOVAL OF TRUMP Is anyone watching? Is it a fake poll? Are the Republican Senators watching and … Continue reading

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Stock Jocks All Lathered Up Over This?

Baby it’s cold frothy outside! Even with the "phase one" deal in effect, Trump will have increased the average US tariff on imports from China to 19.3% from 3% in January 2018, before the trade war started. — Peterson … Continue reading

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It’s The Genes, Stupid!

To paraphrase James Carville, strategist for then presidential candidate Bill Clinton in 1992 to explain, what we think is the epidemic currently spreading through America’s body politic.  Very disturbing. Recall we redefined the current political spectrum – fact based versus … Continue reading

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Buying Tops And Trump’s Race For Stock Market History

We want to add to our last post because we believe the topic is of immense importance to the younger generations starting to save and plan for their retirements.   Note, we had a slight error in the post,  Keeping Stock … Continue reading

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Keeping Stock Market Returns In Perspective

We just want to pass on some data to keep this year’s stock rally in perspective.  We are seeing a lot super giddy behavior out there as the S&P500 makes a new all-time high but…wait for it…at record high valuations … Continue reading

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About That Inverted Yield Curve, Coming Recession, and Repopocalypse

Why did yield curve inversion fail as recession predictor in 2019? (i) QE1, QE2, QE3, Operation Twist 1.0 & 2.0, forward guidance mean inversion signal is not what it once was; (ii) US-China tariff headlines drove inversion, economic fall-out from … Continue reading

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Buy, Sell, Or Hold?

Wow, Mr. Market at the 150-yard line again. Only the second time in history and everyone and their mother are all lathered up. The Week Before Christmas ‘Twas the week before Christmas,  when all through the House, the Dems were … Continue reading

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