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Just In Case You Think The Fed Has A Clue

This should dispel the notion. Can’t wait to hear the Chairman justify zero rate policy and deficit monetization with inflation roaring at > 5 percent. It would be entertaining, if it weren’t so damaging. Where To Inflation? Here’s a pretty … Continue reading

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Common Sense Or Just Not Woke?

Love this kid and his refreshing dose of common sense in a world of panic buying and creation of “fake scarcity” with too much money driving asset prices, and now prices of goods and services.  Maybe he, like I, is … Continue reading

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Masters Week: Jack and German POWs (BFTP)

BFTP: Blast From The Past Post Who would of thunk “Infrastructure Week” at Augusta meant hiring German WWII POWs to build bridges at Golf’s Mecca. My top three picks this week for total money won:  Jon Rahm, Jordan Speith, and … Continue reading

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Fed Heads Talking 4 Percent Inflation

Fed's Kashkari says he would not panic if he saw a 4% inflation rate-BBG — LongConvexity (@LONGCONVEXITY) April 8, 2021 The bond market might, however, assuming Kashkari’s  quote is true. We are reposting a piece, which we recieved tremendous pushback … Continue reading

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Getting Back Pre-COVID GDP Levels

Nice chart from Bloomberg. Chile’s almost there, baby! h/t CK The U.S. may be. If Q1 GDP grew at an annualized compounded rate of 10.2 percent (2.45 percent q/q), the U.S. economy will back to its pre-COVID end of quarter … Continue reading

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