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Happy Birthday, JR

One of our heroes and favorite Bruin. (click here if video is not observable)

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The Big Mac Index – Buy India/Sell Norway

The Economist is out with their Big Mac Index of currency valuations.  The Big Mac index looks at foreign-exchange rates based on the theory of purchasing-power parity (PPP),  the notion prices/exchange rates should adjust over the long run, so tradable goods … Continue reading

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Slowing Russian growth sets up interest rate fight

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Daily Interest Rate Monitor – January 31

(click here if table is not observable)

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Who Owns the U.S. Treasury Market?

The 10-year Treasury bond yield traded at 2.03 percent today a level not seen since April 2012. We thought it’s a good time to revisit who are the major holders of U.S. Treasury securities.   Some of the data are … Continue reading

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Daily Interest Rate Monitor – January 30

(click here if tables is not observable)

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The Fed and Credit Rationing

John Taylor’s piece in the WSJ yesterday noted, So if investors are told by the Fed that the short-term rate is going to be close to zero in the future, then they will bid down the yield on the long-term … Continue reading

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What’s Up With This?

Obama lands at Andrews, two hours ahead of sked, after a lightning-quick visit to Las Vegas. Practically sprinted to Marine One.#secondterm — Mark Landler (@MarkLandler) January 30, 2013

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Picture of the Day: The Wall of Liquidity

Stock traders are not the only ones surfing a record wall of liquidity and in “zones we haven’t never surfed” before.  The Australian reports, THE northern hemisphere’s winter has been a historically bumper season for big-wave hunters. It reached a … Continue reading

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Stratfor: France’s Economic Challenges in 2013

Year to date France’s 10-year sovereign spread is 10 bps tighter to the German Bund and the CAC 40 stock index is almost almost 4 percent.  No worries, mate.   Not yet. Stratfor Europe analyst Adriano Bosoni discusses France’s challenge to … Continue reading

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