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Are You Buying At These Valuations? Not Buffett

More than his words, he spoke with his wallet. He usually relishes a down stock market to take advantage of lower prices. Not this time. He hadn’t made any purchases recently; he didn’t buy up stocks when they had fallen … Continue reading

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Happy St. Patrick’s (Maweyn Succat) Day!

Another Blast From The Past (BFTP). Originally Posted On March 17, 2012 Happy St. Patrick’s (Maweyn Succat) Day! St. Patrick, Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day. Simple, right? The man wasn’t even Irish! He was actually born in Britain around the turn of … Continue reading

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Some Perspective

In our March 7th post,  Stages Of A Pandemic: Denial, Panic, Fear, and Rationality, we suspected the country was about to move from denial to panic over the coronavirus pandemic.   It sure did and infected the global markets in a … Continue reading

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Why We’re Big Fans Of Johnny “Cash”

Of course, if Larry M.’s Lehman-like drawdown scenario is realized, haven flows and shorts will pile into long-notes and bonds as a proxy short but we have no interest in trading fixed-income securities with a 100 bps negative real yield. … Continue reading

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Negative Yields Versus Negative Coupon Rates

There is a big difference between a bond with a negative yield to maturity than a bond with a negative coupon rate.   Many in the market conflate the two. We are searching for bonds that pay a negative coupon rate.  … Continue reading

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Can Treasury Issue An Additional $1 trn At These Fake Yields?

A question has been nagging us for some time.  If the current sovereign yields are repressed and fake, many of which are negative, can the borrowers issue any significant amount of new debt at these current yields?   Especially to long-term … Continue reading

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Stress Testing Apple

Goldman finally getting around to stress testing Apple as the trade war escalates.  They are out today warning Apple is in a world of hurt if China targets the iPhone maker in the trade war. The U.S.-China trade war could … Continue reading

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QOTD: Go Josh!

QOTD:  Quote of the Day The bond market is dumb as a rock. It’s a trillion dollars a year being shoveled into three ETFs by financial advisors and bank tellers. Your “signals" haven’t worked in a decade, try a fortune … Continue reading

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Quarter In Review – March 28

Summary Big bounce in all assets after the Q4/December downdraft Global bond yields way down on global deflation panic as $11 trillion in global bonds now have negative yields The Power of Zero (yields) has driven stocks up with China … Continue reading

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Global Risk Monitor – March 29

We will be phasing out free rider access to the Global Risk Monitor during our website overhaul scheduled to take place over the next month. Contribute by clicking on donate widget on the right-hand side of the website.   

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