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Global Macro Watch – Octoberfest

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At Least Some Things Never Change

With the markets unmoored from historical reality (along with half the country, by the way) and valuations at historic and unprecedented extremes, it’s refreshing to see some things don’t change, such as the painful short squeeze taking place in the … Continue reading

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Stocks On A Long Monetary Leash

M2 Money Stock – Weekly % Year-on-Year Change  Stunning to see the weekly monetary aggregates (M2) continue to grow at an unprecedented 25 percent year-on-year rate.  Not so stunning to see the stock market mania being led and fueled by … Continue reading

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QOTD: Only Buy Stocks That Go Up

QOTD = Quote of the Day Will Rodgers was way ahead of his time.    His quote defines the group think of today’s marginal buyer with the qualification that stocks always go up.  Well, at least, most of the time … Continue reading

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Time For Some Context, Again

Money Fueled Bubble Speculative manias gather speed through expansion of money and credit. Most expansions of money and credit do not lead to a mania; there are many more economic expansions than there are manias. But every mania has been … Continue reading

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Has Netflix Peaked?

Our crack stock picker, Coach Carol,  thinks the probability favors the affirmative.  Personally,  I think Netflix, the service, is…rhymes with rap. The attraction of most of these streaming services, in my opinion, is their new content, and Amazon Prime is … Continue reading

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Why So Few Bears Own Park Avenue Apartments

Summary Bears can’t win the long-game, the probabilities are stacked against them as stocks (DJIA) have generated positive returns for almost 70 percent of the last 100 years Bears also face a relatively new (since the 1990s) headwind,  that is … Continue reading

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Are You Buying At These Valuations? Not Buffett

More than his words, he spoke with his wallet. He usually relishes a down stock market to take advantage of lower prices. Not this time. He hadn’t made any purchases recently; he didn’t buy up stocks when they had fallen … Continue reading

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Stonks Finally Mugged By A Dose Of Reality

After watching this incredible bubble go up every-freaking-day and the speculative fever feed on itself, the market finally got its reality check today. Tied For Second Largest Point Drop (rounding up) Today’s flop marks only the third time in history … Continue reading

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Stocks Get Vertical & Vertigo

This is some chart.  Even if you assume a structural shift in valuations began when the Fed started backstopping markets after the 1987 crash, that puts the average valuation of the Wilshire Market Cap to GDP at 92.58 percent.   That’s … Continue reading

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