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Friday CK Chart Fest – September 30

Forced Liquidation  G7 Yields, Inflation, & Policy Rates  Euro Inflation Spike German Inflation Soars Gilts Gone Wild Mortgage Spreads Blowing Out Cue The Corporate Debt Reckoning Dollar Strength In Context  China Selling U.S. Treasuries  Inflation 101:  The Wage-Price Spiral  Hitting … Continue reading

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Long French Bulldogs/Short Yorkshire Terries

Great article to destress on a summer Friday by the always excellent Tracy Alloway of Bloomberg. Any ideas what’s driving the bubble in French Bulldogs?

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Highest Paid Public-Sector Employee In Each State

Though the following map doesn’t surprise us, it is a bit disheartening to see where our priorities lie.  Panem et circenses (bread and circuses), baby, even at the public Academy! If the data are true, there are only nine states in … Continue reading

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What Keeps The Credit Markets Up At Night

Credit investors rank their concerns, which are almost identical to ours.  That makes us a little nervous to be bearish.  Prefer to catch the off-radar incoming. Hat Tip:  Chi @chigrl  

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President Trump Is Not Your Father’s Conservative

Summary The U.S. government’s cumulative monthly deficits in the first 29 months of the Trump Administration has almost doubled from the prior 29 months The sum of monthly deficits totaled $1.08 trillion during the period Sep. ’14 to Jan ’17 … Continue reading

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Beware Of Retrofitting Fundamentals To Price Action

See our post, Newton’s Q1 Law Of Motion For The S&P,  by clicking here   The past few weeks were a classic exercise in how markets tend to “retrofit” price action to their expectations of economic fundamentals and illustrates the … Continue reading

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Who Is Funding The U.S. Budget Deficit?

Here is a little teaser for our coming post on the Treasury market, which should be out tomorrow.  The latest data is from the Flow of Funds just posted by the Federal Reserve Board (FRB). Note,  less gold (Fed) and … Continue reading

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Italy’s North-South Economic Divide – France24

Italy 10-year closed at 1.88 percent today,  6.7 bps wider versus the 10-year bund for the week, but still 14 bps tighter year-to-date. The Italian 10-year government bond is 112 bps through the U.S. 10-year note yield, and the country … Continue reading

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Prepare For Much Higher Long-Term Rates

There has been a huge drain of liquidity from the U.S. Treasury market over the past few years, and may signal a structural change to how the United States finances budget deficits. The government will always find a way to … Continue reading

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Week In Review – February 2

No poetry, no prose in the Week In Review. We gave you plenty to munch on this past week and today is a holy day, Super Bowl Sunday.  We posted many warnings about the events of last week and  how … Continue reading

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