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Can free-cash handouts help society? | The Economist

This is not going away. Listened to a Ray Kurzweil podcast the other night.  He said UBI will be ubiquitous by 2030.

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Japan’s Contrary Move On Immigration

Japan zigs (liberalizing) while the U.S. and Europe zag (restricting) on immigration. Interestingly Japan recognizes that immigration can move the needle on growth and is moving to finally liberalize its policies.    There are three main factors that drive economic … Continue reading

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Nonlinear Thinking: The Robots Are Here

Stunning…, a Chinese e-commerce gargantuan, has built a big new Shanghai fulfillment center that can organize, pack and ship 200,000 orders a day. It employs four people — all of whom service the robots. What’s going on: Welcome to … Continue reading

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