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Most Overvalued Equity Markets – IMF

October Datafest October is always a month of feasting for us macro data junkies as the IMF releases several of their annual reports and databases, such as the World Economic Outlook (WEO) and the Global Financial Stability Report (GFSR).   We … Continue reading

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Some Background On China Trade Talks

Some perspective from a prior post on President Trump’s predisposition toward free trade. We hope for a good trade deal and China caves on everything.  We also hope for the end of poverty, world peace, and everyone to self actualize … Continue reading

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Japan’s Contrary Move On Immigration

Japan zigs (liberalizing) while the U.S. and Europe zag (restricting) on immigration. Interestingly Japan recognizes that immigration can move the needle on growth and is moving to finally liberalize its policies.    There are three main factors that drive economic … Continue reading

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Free Ride Is Over: China & Japan Bailing On Treasuries

We had a request to look at the annual change in foreign holdings of U.S. Treasury securities as an addendum to our post from last night. It’s clear the two largest foreign creditors to the United States government are pulling … Continue reading

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No Free Trader In The White House

Yesterday’s NY Times guest Op/Ed confirmed our suspicions about President Trump, Furthermore,  we don’t believe President Trump is a free trader at heart but more of a protectionist and neo-mercantilist.  There is no “Art of the Deal” – see his … Continue reading

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The Meaning of Life Or Life of Meaning

What’s your reason for getting up in the morning? Just trying to answer such a big question might make you want to crawl back into bed. If it does, the Japanese concept of ikigai could help. Originating from a country … Continue reading

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Tweet of the Day: Double Yikes!

Unqualified term “war”?   Tell us it ain’t so, Ray Dalio! Remember the Great War with Japan started with trade tensions in response to the country’s agression in Manchuria, among other regions, Tokyo and Washington negotiated for months leading up … Continue reading

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Japan’s Aging Population And Long-Term Growth

Today’s FOMC minutes release illustrates labor shortages are global in the advanced economies (AE). Contacts in several Districts reported difficulties finding qualified workers, and, in some cases, firms were coping with labor shortages by increasing salaries and benefits in order … Continue reading

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Robots Are Even Coming For The Wolves!

An example of Mother Nature and her delicate balance, and the ‘bots that bail us out… For the last eight months, farms near Kisarazu City in Japan have been home to a horrifying robot wolf. But don’t worry, it wasn’t … Continue reading

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Dangerous Gambit Out Of Davos

We woke to a comment out of Davos that surprised both us and the market. The U.S. Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin, broke from tradition and welcomed a weaker dollar. “Obviously a weaker dollar is good for us as it relates … Continue reading

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