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Ag Prices Catch-up to Farm Values

Here’s an interesting chart showing cropland values versus the CRB foodstuffs index.  Note how farm values were caught up in the 2004-08 real estate bubble,  increasing 58 percent while foodstuffs as measured by the CRB were up only 15 percent.  … Continue reading

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What Worked In January

A couple of cool heat maps to illustrate what worked in January.   The ETF map shows the U.S. outpaced the emerging markets with energy and select tech leading the way.  Europe bounced big with Spain’s country ETF, EWP, up 14 … Continue reading

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China blocks the word “Egypt” on Twitter-like sites

This is one reason why we believe the Renminbi will never be a serious contender as a reserve currency.   Full liberalization of the capital account results in a loss of independence and control and it’s hard to see the … Continue reading

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Elbaradei urges Mubarak to step down

The Egyptian Revolt now has a face, Mohamed Mustafa ElBarade, former Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and winner of the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize.    This would be a very positive development if he becomes the … Continue reading

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Egypt: Revolt or Revolution? – Fareed Zakaria

Here is Fareed’s take on Egypt.

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Week in Review: Egypt Rocked, Iran Next?

We don’t have much to say about this week’s performance other than the main equity indices in the U.S. and some in Europe made post crisis new highs before being hit on the political plague coming out of Egypt.   Interesting … Continue reading

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How Poor is Egypt Relative to MidEast & North Africa?

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The Weekend Read

Money Quote of the Week: On China: “Real estate is the dragon head that drives industry, design, construction, steel and cement companies along”…Lending is not a problem. Banks need to lend money out and the top 10 property developers will … Continue reading

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A Major Factor Driving Political Instability

Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;  Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world – W.B.  Yeats Here’s a report from India’s NDTV on the “hyperinflation” in food prices in some countries, which already is and could further destabilize regimes … Continue reading

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The Macro Picture Going into the Weekend

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