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Deep US-Saudi rift over Egypt – Debka

Another must read from Debka.  These guys give a good inside scoop of what’s happening and explains why Mubarak is not stepping down and it’s not good, The conversation between President Barack Obama and Saudi King Abdullah early Thursday, Feb. … Continue reading

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Egypt’s economy close to meltdown – Debka

We highly recommend you read the latest from Debka on Egypt.  Here is the money quote: A high-ranking US source in Washington told debkafile’s sources that the situation in Egypt is so appalling that a military takeover of the regime … Continue reading

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Mubarak Hired Rural Poor to Attack Opposition – Der Spiegel

This is stunning yet not surprising.  The German newspaper Der Spiegel reports, In exchange for the equivalent of a few euros, poor seasonal workers have taken part in street fighting in Cairo on the side of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. The thugs, who … Continue reading

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Au revoir, Hosni?

The crude and gold market are certainly trading as if Mubarak will be out before the weekend is over.  We heard an oil trader say that if democracy breaks out in Egypt, i.e., Mubarak is forced out, it would be … Continue reading

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The Macro Picture Going into the Weekend

(Click here if not observable)

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