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S&P500 Up 4.36% in January

Interesting couple of charts on the S&P500.  The top shows the narrowing upward channel in which the index has traded since the beginning of the year relative to the wider medium-term channel.  The collapse in volatility was the direct result … Continue reading

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Annualized Cost of 30-Second Super Bowl Ad > German GDP

The average cost for a 30-second ad during Sunday’s Super Bowl will be $3.5 million, with some slots costing as much as $4 million.   That’s a rate of $7 M per minute; $420 M per hour; $10.1 B per day; … Continue reading

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Capitano Crunch: Europe’s Collapsing Monetary Aggregates

Here are some great pictures from Credit Suisse illustrating what’s happening in the European monetary sector.  The monetary aggregates have been collapsing at a greater pace than 2008/09  as banks have been cutting credit and shrinking their balance sheets to … Continue reading

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Germany’s fiscal solidarity plan for EU approved

Domestic political blowback to follow.  Stay tuned. (click here if video is not observable)

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Where Are the Labor Unions? The Public Sector….

Excellent chart from the BLS on the union affiliation of U.S. wage and salary workers. We’ve noted the differences between public vs. private sector unions in prior posts.   Here is the WSJ cited in one of those posts, …unlike in … Continue reading

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Global Markets: One Large Complex Adaptive System

We once read somewhere that there are 10 to the 180th power possible paths to checkmate in a game of chess.   Similarly,  the global markets are one large complex adaptive system and almost impossible to project their short-term macro … Continue reading

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Sovereign Debt Hygienics

Interesting calculations posted by Spiegel from the Kiel Institute on the sovereign haircuts which would make the debt of the listed countries sustainable.   We would love to see the calculations for the U.S., U.K., and Japan. (click here if charts … Continue reading

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Week in Review: Still Overbought & Nattie’s Big Bounce

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Clash of Generations: A Discussion in Davos

We’ve posted several pieces on the coming war between the generations and even how the Occupy Wall Street and Arab Spring are more about intergenerational equity than anything else.   Here’s an interesting discussion from Davos for those who have … Continue reading

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Global Trend Indicators

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