Clash of Generations: A Discussion in Davos

We’ve posted several pieces on the coming war between the generations and even how the Occupy Wall Street and Arab Spring are more about intergenerational equity than anything else.   Here’s an interesting discussion from Davos for those who have the time and interest.  The need for intergenerational burden sharing is going to be a huge political issue going forward and will take strong leadership.

(click here if video is not observable)

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3 Responses to Clash of Generations: A Discussion in Davos

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  2. Liz Emerson says:

    The Intergenerational Foundation ( is working to promote the rights of younger generations in the UK. Increasing longevity is welcomed but this, together with the euro-crisis, is contributing to the problem. Social care costs, record housing costs – both buying and renting, lack of employment opportunities and now the cost of further education is creating a perfect storm. Add to this the scale of liabilities being passed on to future generations by successive British governments’ short-termism in fiscal and monetary policy, together with an older generation with expectations of pension and welfare entitlements that are simply unaffordable, and we have a younger ‘lost’ generation with little chance of achieving the same living standards at their parents.

    Please see our radical manifesto for 2012 at

    Click to access IF_Radical_2012_Manifesto.pdf

    • macromon says:

      Thanks, Liz. You and the IF are right on! Heard one of the Federal Reserve Board members say today that even zero percent interest rates force retirees to consume their wealth, which then cannot be passed on to future generations. We will have a look at the Manifesto. Do you mind if we post some of the material?

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