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Nattie Fresh!

Take a look at the chart below, which shows a series of CO2 emissions versus Natural Gas’ Share of Electric Power Consumption.    The increase demand for the “clean fossil fuel” versus  burning dirty coal to fire electric plants has … Continue reading

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Nattie’s Immaculate Reversal

F**k  Technical Analysis.  F%%k  Candlesticks.   That is the way we feel after yesterday’s post about the sure thing short in Natural Gas futures.  When you hear or feel “sure thing” in trading, head for the hills.  Hey, but we were … Continue reading

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Nattie’s Ugly Reversal

After hitting a 52-week just above a key resistance this morning,  the Natural Gas Jan. futures reversed 5 percent to close at almost the low the of day in after hours trading. Note today’s outside day or bearish engulfing candlestick … Continue reading

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