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Getting Your Schtick Right

Nice summary tables of various Candlestick patterns. Hat Tip:   @TradingChartsU

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Nattie’s Immaculate Reversal

F**k  Technical Analysis.  F%%k  Candlesticks.   That is the way we feel after yesterday’s post about the sure thing short in Natural Gas futures.  When you hear or feel “sure thing” in trading, head for the hills.  Hey, but we were … Continue reading

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Nattie’s Ugly Reversal

After hitting a 52-week just above a key resistance this morning,  the Natural Gas Jan. futures reversed 5 percent to close at almost the low the of day in after hours trading. Note today’s outside day or bearish engulfing candlestick … Continue reading

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Positive vs Normative Trading

Love this…. Hat tip JFinDallas at StockTwits! (click here if video is not observable)

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Quote of the Day: Parallel Universes

After all the chat about conditions and how difficult this golf course is and how much rain and wind is there going to be, it was kind of weird standing in a shirt sleeves on the 9th tee looking at … Continue reading

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Fading the Open

The overnight markets are all lathered up and maybe offside on the Greece bailout news (haven’t we seen this picture before?)  so we thought we’d take a quick look at gap up opens in the SPY (S&P500) ETF.   Since … Continue reading

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