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Why ‘Deaths of Despair’ May Be a Warning Sign for America

I do worry about a world where the rich get to write the rules which the rest of us have to obey……We might be on the edge of a precipice. – Angus Deaton  Must view.  Confirms our view of a … Continue reading

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Wealth Inequality In the United States

This is not a chart that generates confidence in future political and social stability.   It looks like the jaws of a Great White ready to bite someone in the arse. Clearly a contributing factor in the rise of populism and anti-elitism, … Continue reading

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Happy Fathers Day! We’ve Got Some Wood to Chuck

The last words my father spoke to me before he died in 1996 was, [“Gregor], somebody is going to have to do something to help the poor.” Fast forward to 2017.   Never has the wealth gap in America been so … Continue reading

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