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COTD: Bank Lending Divergence

COTD = Chart of the Day Big divergence in bank lending to consumers and businesses.  Consumer lending y/y growth fairly steady but hard to tell what is causing the steep fall-off in the growth of lending to the corporate sector.  … Continue reading

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Coronavirus Pandemic: The Next Two Weeks Are Critical

Chris Martenson. Ph.D. from Duke in Toxicology is very good on this topic and one of the first out with a correct analysis of the coronavirus.  We posted his first video when there were only a few thousand cases reported. … Continue reading

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Now, Which POTUS Inherited A Mess?

Wow! President Trump likes to repeat the fictitious notion he inherited an economic mess but his hair is on fire over Obama’s factually based tweet this morning. Eleven years ago today, near the bottom of the worst recession in generations, … Continue reading

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Two Charts Keeping Us On The Beach

I’ve seen fire and I’ve seen rain.  I’ve seen manias the public thought would never end. Until they do. This ain’t our first rodeo.  We have seen these types of asset bubbles many times during our career, especially when you … Continue reading

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The Clash Of Generations

These selfish fucking boomers. They completely fuck the planet then be like “we’ll be dead before it matters so we’re goin to the beach ✌️” God I fucking hate boomers. — ฿ully (@BullyEsq) February 16, 2020

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COTD: Coronavirus Risk To Manufacturing

The holiday is over, but few people are back in offices and factories…the effects of covid-19 will be like those of SARS in 2003: a sharp shock to Chinese growth, followed by a strong rebound. But SARS may not be a … Continue reading

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Why The Millennials Feel The Bern

The Global Macro Monitor has been writing about the Clash of Generations for years, and way before the headlines and data that are now starting to show up in the MSM.   See here. The fight taking place between the moderates … Continue reading

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Low-Cost Universal Health Care With A Record Budget Surplus?

How can it be?      See the full DW article here The following video on the German health care system is a must view, folks. Take the 10 minutes and watch. If not, study the charts. The German system … Continue reading

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Coronavirus: It’s The Second Derivative, Stupid!

Double yikes.   Arrest this beast!  Please! On a business trip meeting with many firms with huge exposure to China.  Concern in their community definitely growing but still a bit clueless about the seriousness of the growing crisis.  I give … Continue reading

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