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The Summer Friday Ramp Into Close

Here we go again.  The Summer Friday afternoon ramp. We posted how the S&P tends to ramp into the close in our post on Monday (see below). No different today.  The S&P had traded in a 34.44 point range high-to-low … Continue reading

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A Short Stay At The Bear Trap Inn

As we suspected in last night’s post, A break of today’s low at 2945.23 cinches a beeline move to the 50-day, where algos will likely set their bear trap and try and bounce the market.  We expect a feeble bounce at best, … Continue reading

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Charts That Validate Stocks Are In The Process Of Topping

The S&P 200-day rolling return is an interesting chart but not much in the way of signals with the exception to illustrate the S&P500 does not fall out of the sky and enter bear markets after a strong 200-day run. … Continue reading

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Are Stocks In A Bear Market?

Technically, no. Spiritually?  Nor sure, but definitely, there’s is something happening here. What is ain’t exactly clear. S&P Flat For Past 17 Months Even with all the Strum und Drang since the massive volatility shock of January 2018 — which includes … Continue reading

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Will The S&P Hold The Line?

Will the S&P hold its May 13th low of this current sell-off at 2801.43? Glad you asked.   The market is currently trading at its low of the day, 5 points above that support level. Tuesday’s Post The stock market took … Continue reading

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A Note From A GMM Reader…

Passing on a note (email) we just received from a Global Macro Monitor (GMM) reader, who is vacationing on the beach in Mexico.   By the way, he is not a free rider.  He made a nice contribution to GMM (see … Continue reading

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S&P500’s Five Hottest First Two Months Since 1950

The final trade is in for February and the S&P500 is up 11.07 percent in the first two months of the year.  It is the fourth strongest start for the S&P since 1950. The table shows that such strong Jan/Feb … Continue reading

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Doji City At The 200-day

Total indecision in the S&P 500 price action at the 200-day moving average. Very similar to past short-term peaks but if it were that easy,  we’d all be eating caviar on our yachts. Impressive that market doesn’t break.  No sellers. … Continue reading

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S&P500 Key Levels

The S&P closed right at or just a smidgen above its 200-day moving average.   The market rally based on a government shutdown deal?  Come on, man! Another government shutdown wasn’t priced, so why should stocks move on a deal? We … Continue reading

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BFTP: Call Me Comrade!

BFTP = Blast From The Past Does it ever change? We were going through some old posts this morning and came across this pearl from over eight years ago.   Charges of socialism were also polluting the political environment back then … Continue reading

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